Device Status Not Updating on Manual Change

I have some switches that are getting very slow status changes (or not getting them at all) when they are physically pressed. Is there anything I should check? Thx!

First, list the exact make and model of the switches.

Second, do you know what technology they use? Zwave, ZWave Plus, or Zigbee?

They are all z-wave using type Generic Z-Wave Switch or Generic Z-Wave Dimmer.

The issues are with GE 12724, 12722, 12727, 14291.

OK. For the 12xxx models, you should install and use the "Z-Wave Poller" app to periodically poll them.

Standard zwave devices do not update the status on their own without being asked, thus the poller app is needed.

Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee both update status proactively without polling, but regular Z-Wave does not.

For the 14291, it SHOULD be updating on its own since it is Z-Wave Plus, if you are using the Generic Z-Wave SMART Switch driver. (aka use the "SMART" variant for Z-Wave Plus devices, and the non-"SMART" one you are already using for regular Z-Wave).

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Thank You! I am new to Hubitat and trying to figure out why some things aren't working as they did in SmartThings. I watched the many start up videos, and searched here for answers - I'm sure this was asked previously. I didn't know about polling.

No problem!

Every system is a little different / has its own quirks. Some systems do some of these things automatically behind the scenes - and just don't tell you - some you have to do it yourself.

SmartThings polls in the background automatically. Hubitat gives you the option to poll or not poll, and control the devices that get polled. You can turn it on or off at will. More flexibility. Not all devices need to be polled all the time.

Regarding the Z-wave poller. Apparently when you add a device to be polled you need to stop the polling and re-start it. Or at least I had to. Watching the logs I couldn't figure out why only part of the devices were getting polled.

I also have the problem. My zigbee Ikea lights does not update on manuel push.

I use the following bulps: TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS opal 600lm.

I am using the IKEA trådfri RGB light driver.

Bump. I'm seeng this behavior with some popular Chinesium generic switches (these things):
Is there an equivalent of the Z-wave poller for Zigbee devices? I read somewhere that zig devices are supposed to update automagically, yet that doesn't seem to be the case?

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