Not a group, not a scene

Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction here please?

I have a set of devices (A, B, C ... Z) which are all simple switches and might independently be in an "on" or "off" state. What I'd like is a dashboard button which will switch them all to "off".

It seems I can't use a "scene", because I don't want to have to cancel the scene and I don't want to stop devices being turned back on.

It seems I can't use a group, because I'd have to switch the group "on" before I can switch it "off" again.

I just want a simple trigger switch which will turn everything that's "on" to "off", and then let everything go about its normal buiness. Can I make some sort of "virtual push button" and use it as a Rule machine trigger?

Any pointers, links etc greatly appreciated.

You can create a virtual button and then write a rule in Rule Machine

Virtual Button Pressed

Turn off switch A
Turn off switch B
Turn off switch C

I use virtual buttons and physical buttons to do this all the time in my automation.

In devices:


Click on Add virtual device and make it a "virtual button"


Actually, you CAN use a Group for this. There is an option when creating a group that will send commands to the devices regardless of whether the 'Group Device' is in the opposite state or not. Just disable the "On/Off Optimization" as shown below.

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Ahhhh... that's what that is. Nice!!

I've tried the "group" suggestion, but it's still not doing what I want. Am I missing something?

I've created a group with two switches, A and B. If A is on and B is off, then if I turn the group off, A goes off and B stays off. So far so good.

But if someone turns A on again, and later on I press the group switch again, what I want it to do is turn A off, but instead it turns B on.

Just wanted to check that there's not something clever I'm missing, before I try the more complicated route as per the first suggestion made!

OK, I've had a go at the "rule machine" route. That seems to work! (And wasn't as hard as I expected.) Thanks everyone for your input.

I tested this scenario this morning with group as shown above. Are you using something as a toggle control? During my testing, with the group defined as above, pressing OFF on the group device always turned off any of the devices in the group that were on, even though the group’s status was ‘off’.

Glad you found a RM solution.

But that won't work from a dashboard because pressing the device when it is off turns it on. You can do this through a momentary button tied to the group device through rule machine but if you are going to do that, why not just do it directly?

Ahh, that explains it. Personally, I very rarely use dashboards for anything. Most lighting is automated based on time of day, illuminance, motion, and contact sensors.

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It appears that a fix for this issue was implemented in Hubitat Firmware 2.1.4... :slight_smile:

  • Group 2.0: Added option for group device to indicate member on/off status.

Isn't it nice when you suggest things that become right.

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