Non branded devices

Is Hubitat able to control the following with n or little coding
1 my cheap Chinese door sensors
2. govee lights
3. nest door bell and thermoststat
lohas light bulbs
4. puwell indoor camera

Im fed up of smart things hub as it doesn't support most of my devices and want a one stop shop to control all my devices Not that bothered about nest doorbell and thermostat as im guessing the answer is no for these but really want my unbranded cheap chinese door sensors to work

We’re gonna need a little more than that...

For example, what wireless protocol do they use?

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Welcome to the community, @markjohn100!

While there are many devices supported by the community I doubt those are. The official list is
List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation


And look at the list of community-supported devices, too.


just standard wifi not zigbee or zwave - the sort you can get on amazon in the uk

The odds are slim.

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AFAIK there is no real standard when it comes to IoT devices that use WiFi. They are generally designed to function within the confines of their own mobile app, which usually connects to the device manufacturer’s servers in the cloud.

Having said that, if your devices can be flashed with tasmota firmware, then they can probably work with hubitat.

But if you can’t provide more details than the country of origin, or that they can be purchased on amazon, I don’t know how you can expect anyone to give you a solid answer...

Edit: just took another look at the OP and since you are referring to contact sensors, I doubt that tasmota is an option? I don’t really use WiFi devices for home automation purposes though so I guess anything’s possible. Perhaps you can describe in more detail how you currently connect to these devices at least?


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