Node-Red why am I getting two notifications

I have a contact sensor in my mailbox to tell me when its been opened. Try for the life of me I can't get it to stop sending two notices. When I go into the device in Hubitat and select the "suppress duplicate events" it still does it. the flow is:

the contact sensor config is:
I've put off asking for help thinking it would come to me in a flash of lightening... Thank you.

You might want to put a RBE in your NR flow and call it a day.


Where would you put it? I tried doing that but may not have put it in the correct place. Appreciate the response!

What does the rest of this flow look like? The problem might be in the portion of the node you haven't shared. What does the Function Node do?

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  • Do you have "Websocket" enabled?

  • right after your mail format node you have 2 wires going up? Where do they go? Another Alert?

  • If you are getting multiple Alexa notifications put the RBE node right after the msg.payload change node just before the Alexa Routine Node.

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I don't think I have web socket, I'm using the supported stuff with maker API. The two missing nodes are just going to my email node and a SMS node, (didn't figure I wanted more email than I already get...) The function node is:

Put the RBE right after the Function node and you should be good to go..

Edit: connect the Mail and SMS nodes AFTER the RBE.

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Great thank YOU!!


@napalmcsr gets the credit here!



Did that work? Do you have any other flows that contain a Mailbox Contact Sensor Device node or a Command Node for same device?


Hmmm, I think it needs to be after the contact node, if it is after the function node, the rbe will never get reset.

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Arghh!!! You are correct ... payload and topic.

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That's where I'd have it as well. Also @douglaspitman make sure you specify "msg.payload.value" for the RBE.


Thanks, let me test it out. I'll go check the mail

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That didn't work. I did this now,

and changed the rbe node to this: .

What didn't work?

when I changed it to msg.payload .value, it did it twice still. But I'm wondering if I capitalized the P in payload. I will try it again. with the lower case.

It should have worked. And there are no spaces in "msg.payload.value" ....

Also, I think that ultimately (or soon enough) msg.payload.currentValue will be phased out.

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Do you have another Mailbox Contact Sensor Device or Command Node somewhere in your flows?


Put the debug node after the RBE and the switch node - are you still getting 2 messages?
also make very sure you are using:


What's your switch node look like?

There's something we're missing here.. not sure what. Seems like a bog simple sequence.

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