Node-Red arlo camera integration to turn on lights with motion

Has anyone had any luck configuring Node-Red to flip a vSwitch in Hubitat with motion to turn on some lights? Used to do this with IFTTT, but their $$$$$$$$ is too much, so I thought I'd try Node-Red. I have it connected to Hubitat, but so far Arlo connection isn't working.


I've never been able to get the node-red Arlo integration to work.

The home-assistant Arlo integration works, though. at least last time I tried it. Could do that, and send it to Hubitat.

There seems to be a complete lack of documentation on how to get this set up and I'm very new to node-red, so ........I was hoping someone else had experience. Damn IFTTT for their greed anyway. It'd sure be nice if Netgear would play nice with all these home automation companies...

It would be nice if Netgear weren't so annoying.

That said, Home Assistant can do it, and is reasonably documented. So there are still free options. Homekit can too, if you're the Apple type (I am not).

I'm sorry for my ignorance. I'm switching from SmartThings to Hubitat. Does Hubitat work with HA? I was under the assumption that HA required a raspberryPi and a zwave/zigby dongle to work. If it'll work with my Hubitat, I'll give it a try, as I already have a raspberrypi running nodejs and sonos-api.

It does. Or another Linux box or virtual machine.

Only if you want zigbee/zwave on Home Assistant. If you just want it for its other integrations, then an RPi is enough.

There is an integration to get Hubitat into Home Assistant. So doing something like making a virtual switch in Hubitat, then toggling it from Home Asisstant based on Arlo status could works.

Or you could go Home Assistant <--> Node-Red <--> Hubitat too. But no real reason to do that, just mentioning it as a possibility.

Ok, cool, I'll give it a try. Thank you for replying, I was really banging my head into the monitor trying to get this node-red to work.

I'm also in the process of switching from ST -> Hubitat. I haven't moved my Arlo cameras over yet, but I want to do something similar, and I planned to do it using Alexa. Their Arlo integration supports motion detection and it's pretty snappy.

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Let me know if you can get Alexa to flip a vSwitch in Hubitat based on Arlo motion to turn on some lights. I don't have any Alexa devices, but I have a bunch of google home mini's.

I haven't tried it yet, but I looked into this before I bought my hub. The basic idea is:

  1. Create a vSwitch in Hubitat to maintain the state of a camera's motion sensor (detected or not).
  2. Use Alexa routines to keep that switch in sync with the Arlo state. (They do support reacting to motion. It's the only trigger they offer for Arlo cameras.)
  3. Use your rule machine of choice on your hub (for me, that's webcore) to react to changes to the switch.

I already set up a similar flow for my Samsung TV via IFTTT (they're the only service that connects both smartthings and Hubitat and allows you to use the TV's power as a trigger, and the TV won't connect to anything but smartthings).

I've managed to get Arlo arm/disarm to work reliably with Node-RED. Will post on that shortly. But cannot get the motion sensing to work :frowning:

Cool, I'd love to see how you got it configured to see the camera's, as I couldn't get them to work.

I did get Home Assistant working, and it can see Arlo (aarlo now). I must say, HA is pretty complicated but very robust. Working on rules now.

It's here....

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