No status update from Jasco Add-on Switch

I have a GE/Jasco Zwave plus switch on one side of my kitchen and a GE/Jasco add-on switch on the other side of the kitchen that works as a three way switch. These switches work fine (I can turn the light on and off from either switch). And when I use the Zwave switch the status is updated on my HE. But when I use the add-on switch the HE does not register the state change of the switch. If I manually poll the switch, then the correct state is updated on the HE. Is there anyway to fix this so that the HE always knows the correct status of my kitchen lights without a forced polling? I am using the Generic Z-wave switch driver as indicated for the Jasco switches.

You should be using the Generic Z-wave Smart Switch driver. That is the one intended for Z-wave Plus switched. The generic Z-wave Switch driver is intended for non-plus z-wave switches.

Thanks Ryan. I did not realize that. I changed to the smart driver, saved the new device, hit configure, and saved the device again. Then I tried using the add-on switch and I have the same problem. Did not fix the lack of status updates. Status does update when I manually refresh (manual poll button is no longer present).
I also have a bunch of switches I need to change the drivers for :slight_smile:

Because you don't have to poll z-wave switches. When you hit the add-on switch, does the light change state? The add-on switch will not even show up in Hubitat. It is the z-wave switch it is connected to that should be updating it's state. What model add-on switch are you using? How do you have it wired?

The add-on switch is also made by GE/Jasco and it is specifically designed to be a three-way switch for the Zwave switch. The three-way switch works perfectly as far as turning on and off the light. I wired this quite awhile ago, but am sure I followed the instructions. I used the traveler wire as a communication wire between the two switches (if I recall). I know that the traveler wire no longer carries 120 V - it is now only used for communication between the two switches.

I see an ST user reported a similar issue here a few months back, but there wasn't a clear resolution--they swapped out the "real" switch (technically a GE one, but same thing with a different label) with a different model to "solve" the problem. Maybe the first one they tried was faulty; using the add-on versus the switch directly shouldn't matter here, as you know.

I might suggest contacting their support, but I have no idea how good or responsive they are. If it's like most big companies, you'll probably have to wait a week to hear back from someone who doesn't quite understand your problem...

Thanks for the reference to the other problem. Bummer :frowning:
These are both toggle switches I bought almost two years ago through Amazon. My add-on switch is model 12728. And the Zwave+ switch is model 14292. I was just adding some rule machine code and noticed it was not working as expected. Then I discovered that the add-on switch doesn't cause the status to update. Bummed out. Might have to consider buying an Inovelli scene capable switch to do what I want anyway. I want to force the kitchen lights to stay on when they were physically turned on. I have been tinkering with the motion sensors but no matter what the lights go out when my wife is cleaning dishes or cooking because she stands still for too long. So I was going to defeat the automation by detecting if they were physically turned on.

I know it's not the "right" driver, but if the non-smart driver works with polling, maybe you could use that as a workaround? I'm not sure there are actually any differences besides the lack of the poll() command to prevent you (or an app) from polling these devices unnecessarily (see: Zwave smart switch and dimmer fingerprints), but it looks like that might be helpful in your case (with the usual caveat that excessive polling could bog down your Z-Wave network).

That being said, the new Inovelli switches are nice, and the new dimmers should be here soon and look nice so far--and, good news, they'll also work with your add-on switches. :slight_smile: (And support more features than any GE model ever has--I think you can get some of those to double-tap, but not with the native driver, and that's about it.)

The add on switch is supposed to change the status of the main switch. So, the status should update on the switch itself and that should in-turn update hubitat. I would turn on Debug logging and turn on and off the switch from the main paddle, then from the add-on switch and then from the edit device page. Then post a screenshot of the logs here. There might be something missing in the driver that is different for the report from the remote switch vs the main switch that the driver isn't accounting for. Won't be able to tell until we see some logs.


I had this same issue with my old GE (Z-Wave only not plus) switch with the add on switch. This weekend I replaced that primary switch with an Inovelli Red Series switch and the status updates immediately from either the primary or the add on switch now. However I did the same in the basement where the primary was non plus GE and swapped it out with a new Red Series and the add on switch will only turn on the primary and update status immediately but it won't turn off the primary. Still trying to figure that one out.

Again, we would need to see the same logs that I asked for in the previous post. This information is necessary to do any meaningful debugging.

Are you using a GE/Jasco Add-On with an Inovelli switch? If so they arenโ€™t meant to work together and likely the cause of your issue. Inovelli doesnโ€™t have add-ons yet but supposedly work with dumb switches as the secondary switch, at least the old ones did.

The "new" (Black or Red series) Inovelli switches and dimmers--which the poster says they are using--are designed to work in any configuration: a second smart switch, an add-on switch, or a "dumb" switch. You can find that in their product description, as well as the Inovelli forum and other places.

The above is correct for the discontinued and long-unavailable first-generation Inovelli switches and dimmers.

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Here is the requested logs. The kitchen light was on. I told Google to turn off the kitchen light. This is the digital off. I then turned on the light with the zwave switch and then turned it off with the zwave switch. I then went to the add-on switch. I turned on the kitchen light. Then I turned off the kitchen light. I then went back to the zwave switch. I turned on the light then turned off the light. The kitchen lights responded correctly with every change on the zwave switch and on the add-on switch. But nothing logged when I used the add-on switch.

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:56.624 pm infoKitchen Lights was turned off[physical]

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:56.613 pm infoBasicReport value: 0

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:56.610 pm debugparse description: zw device: 10, command: 2003, payload: 00 , isMulticast: false

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:51.562 pm infoKitchen Lights was turned on[physical]

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:51.553 pm infoBasicReport value: 255

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:51.548 pm debugparse description: zw device: 10, command: 2003, payload: FF , isMulticast: false

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:22.952 pm infoKitchen Lights was turned off[physical]

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:22.941 pm infoBasicReport value: 0

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:22.934 pm debugparse description: zw device: 10, command: 2003, payload: 00 , isMulticast: false

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:15.080 pm infoKitchen Lights was turned on[physical]

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:15.068 pm infoBasicReport value: 255

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:15.061 pm debugparse description: zw device: 10, command: 2003, payload: FF , isMulticast: false

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:08.468 pm infoKitchen Lights was turned off[digital]

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:08.458 pm infoBasicReport value: 0

dev:2042019-10-14 10:39:08.453 pm debugparse description: zw device: 10, command: 2003, payload: 00 , isMulticast: false

dev:2042019-10-14 10:38:13.889 pm warndescription logging is: true

dev:2042019-10-14 10:38:13.887 pm warndebug logging is: true

Thanks ritchierich
I don't have an Inovelli switch. I just mentioned that I might purchase one (the new Red Series) to replace the GE/Jasco Zwave plus switch to resolve this issue.

Thanks tterk1,
Maybe I'll hold off on an Inovelli switch. I think it's nearly revolutionary ... but also concerned that significant bugs are not ironed out yet. Maybe a scene capable remote might be the best ticket.

Hey @DRMiller453 - I can personally vouch for the aux switch support. I realize I'm the manufacturer speaking here, but I personally have our switch working with the GE Aux switches in both a 3 and 4-Way setting in my house.

I started off with GE switches when I first started in the home automation realm with Wink... I know... I know.... No comment necessary here lol (I'm sorry Will.I.Am).

A little history, our older switches were designed to work with Dumb switches, but a major request was to have our switches work with Aux switches bc in a dimmer setup, aux switches allow for dimming.

So, enter Gen 2 - they work with both a dumb and aux switch. To test this, I swapped out our GE Z-Wave switch (that was connected in a 4-Way) with the Inovelli one and have had it there for about 5 months now. I also swapped out a 3-Way about 4 months ago.

Point is not to convince you one way or another. Sure, there may be some bugs that we find. But I also believe we have one of the best firmware guys on the team @ericm who also owns part of the company and has a heart of gold and a passion to make the best product there is.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Happy to answer any questions you have!

Founder | Inovelli


When you turn the lights on from the z-wave, then off from the add-on, can you then turn them on from the z-wave again?

The logs show no messages received from the switch, so it's not a matter of the driver parsing the message. There's nothing to parse. I suspect a wiring or configuration problem. Did you factory reset the switch when you move it to Hubitat?

Yes, the lights work perfectly even if I turn on with zwave, then turn off with add-in, and then turn back on with zwave. And I still only get a status update when the zwave switch is used.
I did not do a factory reset when I switched from Smartthings to Hubitat. I did exclude it from the Smartthings hub before adding it to Hubitat.
I'm 99% sure this is wired correctly. I have a reasonable amount of experience with 2 and 3-way switches, outlets, GFIs, etc. So I understand the difference between line, load, travelers, neutral, and ground and how to determine whats-what. I also doubt they would be working this good if they were wired wrong.
I suppose you are suggesting that I exclude the switch and then do a factory reset and then add it back. Is that correct?

@mike.maxwell Do the GE switches report differently when switched from an Add-on vs the "main" switch? @DRMiller453 is reporting that the status of the switch doesn't update when the add-on is the one doing the switching.