No (seemingly) file stored for Hue Zigbee firmware update

C7 on latest (as of 9/8/21) firmware. Recently added an indoor hue motion, from what I gather on older firmware. The Zigbee firmware update however doesn't seem to be able to match a parameter with the Hubitat's file store of firmware images (or the routine isn't being properly provided the parameters from the device). Any thoughts? Only two other zigbee contacts on network (no repeaters).

  • endpointId: 02
  • model: SML001
  • application: 02
  • firmwareMT: 100B-010D-420049E0
  • softwareBuild: 420049E0
  • manufacturer: Philips

From log:
Firmware update for [name:MotionKitchen, manufacturer:Philips, imageFileName:null, fileVersion:null] failed, the device doesn't support wildcard file parameters.

Always thought Hue were zigbee, are you sure you’re pulling down the right firmware?

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Hue stuff is zigbee, not z-wave. That said you need a hue bridge to update the firmware for that, it doesn't update via HE

Yikes, sorry later night post, I meant Zigbee.

Zigbee firmware update support was added last year:

You have to keep trying, it eventually works. Something is buggy. I've had exactly the same thing with two Hue outdoor motion sensors. HE says it's Hue's fault...... I dunno.


I have exactly the same issue. I removed it, re paired, moved it close, moved it far. Snuck up on it, Disabled every other Zigbee device, enabled every device and more. tried well over 100 times in every configuration. Exact same “wild card” message every time.

Is the firmware version/filename being captured in the log/request?

I don't have a need for a hub but will probably pick one up just to simplify/workaround.

My bad, I forgot about that

I have updated Sengled bulbs, but the process should be the same. Just tell it to update and eventually it will. With the updater functionality, it “enables” the firmware update process more that it “starts” it. It should perform the update eventually.

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I think here the issue is the HE is not, based on the log output, making the connection from the device to it's internal repo of firmware. The firmware version/file info should be in that log entry.

I see what you’re saying - That could be the case… @mike.maxwell might be able to enlighten us…

Yes, I concur. All other Zigbee either says “not available” or an indication it’s current or the update processesif there is one. My singed bulbs also didn’t take 300 tries to process an available update. There is a dot out of place or a typo somewhere in the Hue process / filename / location.

there isn't, this message is generated by the Hue device in response to receiving a firmware payload frame from Hubitat. I believe its an incorrect return code from the device, and I think its generated in cases where the device isn't able to process the frame, maybe truncation, maybe corruption, no idea.
I have not been able to see this happen in the lab.


Same behavior on a second hue motion, from the same order. Same out of the box firmware.

Other than the lux taking about 12hrs to properly report (at first no lux above 3 or 4) the devices operate as expected. Ordered a hub so I'll just take that route for time being.

Thanks folks.

Picked up a hub. Put the motion into pairing mode and added to the Hue hub. Firmware updated no problem.

What's the best approach to adding back to Hubitat (without removing it from HE / rules / etc first)? It doesn't discover it on discovery, I guess because the ID is already 'registered'.

If you didn't delete the device from Hubitat and just reset it, then Hubitat will re-discover it and re-associate it with the existing device. (To reset it or put it in paring mode--generally the same for Zigbee devices--I believe it's a 1-second press of the setup button on the sensor. If it was paired to a Hue Bridge and the device is online on that network, then just removing it via the Hue app should also reset it.)

The pairing screen is supposed to tell you when this happens, but some people have been reporting lately that it hasn't been. So if you think you did everything right but don't see anything, maybe see if the device is in fact responding by going to the device page and looking at the current states or event history.

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