No Response on Homekit

Suddenly, I am getting no response on all my devices which I moved over from Homebridge on Homekit when the bridge app was first released but all my door locks and garage door are still working because I left it on the Homebridge.

I did some searches on the forum and did not find any true fix for this. One mentioned about older non-plus z-wave etc .. All my z-wave device are the plus units. I do not have any non-plus z-wave on my network. Other fix is to restart AppleTV (hub) which I did and still did not fix it.

All my iOS are up to date.

If my Homekit or my AppleTV (hub) was to be blamed, then my Homebridge should not be working or responsive to it but it working fine since I am still using it for door locks and garage door opener.

Any idea why I started getting no response on devices I moved over to Hubitat - Homekit application?

Still no response on all devices in Homekit but the ones that are connect via Homebridge ...