Did iOS 16.3.1 killed homekit integration?

I recently posted in this forum over at No Response on Homekit that all of my devices except the ones on Homebridge are giving me a no response message. I have done all I could think of to restore it like rebooting, unplugging and plugging in AppleTV and restarting my iPhone but it still giving all those no response message on devices integrated by Hubitat.

Homebridge devices are working fine in homekit.

So I came to thinking what I had done differently before I got this no response error and one thing that popped to my head was I updated my iPhone iOS to 16.3.1

Is anyone running homekit integration without issue on iOS 16.3.1? Or did iOS 16.3.1 broke something?

Thank you

I'm running 16.3.1 just dandy with my home kit integration on HE...8 homepod minis, homepod, and an apple tv all up to date

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I updated to 16.3.1 on all my devices, iphones, ipads, Homepod mini's, Apple TV & Mac is on 13.2.1. Homekit integration works along with Homebridge that is running on the Mac. No issues here.

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So many moving parts these days. I have no answers as I only use Homebridge. My only advice is to stay up to date as much as you can. Even that has risks (new Home architecture). So make sure your Apple TV is on 16.3.2.

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I will have to check my Apple TV iOS version when I get home.

I updated the AppleTV and it didn’t fix the no response

The Homekit setting shows that it’s connected in AppleTV

I have the same issue, multiple devices saying No Response. I only noticed it here after a power outage when I went to check on a zigbee lamp that turned itself on. So I thought the power outage was the cause, but this thread has got me wondering, I did update my iPhone 12 to 16.3.1 a couple of days ago.

I’ll check what my Apple TV is running in the morning.

Does an integration restart fix it?
If yes, turn on Restart hourly toggle at the bottom of the app page, in Advanced section. Make sure the firmware version is the latest, earlier ones had some troubles with it.

Sorry, I've got nothing. HomeKit is very quirky for every company that tries to integrate. I'v got a Control4 system and they're releasing new Apple TV integration (including voice). And people seem to run into quirky situations there too. Fixing ends up being a lot of trial and error. It looks like Bobby has some suggestions too.

Toggling on Relaxed home hub pairing security what fixes it for me.

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Yes, that got the lights working again. The other devices seemed to have fixed themselves overnight. I’ll try the hourly restart if the problem reoccurs.

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