"No response from hub error" on Cloud dashboards

Getting many of these nowadays. Also timeout errors sent to me by Withings saying their 2 second API timeout has expired on many calls (2 seconds seems short to me but there it is). Seems the Cloud access on my hub is running at a snail's pace. Rebooted twice. Still the same. I have extremely speedy Internet here so it ain't that. I am making extensive use of Maker API and the event socket for my dashboard. But that's all running local. Would that be stressing the Cloud server/connection? What to do? Dedicate a hub to the dashboard somehow (if only they were available for purchase)?

Oh where oh where art thou, C7?


Is there a way to (RM?) to time a ping?

Do you know how many characters your JSON is now? Cloud dashboards have a 129,630 character limit. I found this out after adding my entire custom temp colors code which is 177,744 by itself (needless to say I had to remove some of it). You can C/P your JSON into this site to see how big it is. If it is over the limit it will not work until you reduce it.

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I always ping the hub for each device individually because requesting all devices is a no no it is so slow, so going in and out via Maker API I think is not an issue.... although when the dashboard first loads there is a lot of activity on the hub asking for all the device statuses, one by one. But after that I just listen to the eventsocket and then decide what to do on my dashboard based on Javascript parsing the JSON to find the device, the values etc. So I believe in all cases the JSON being received or the commands being send are pretty small.

Oh sorry, you are probably talking about my normal HE dashboard that isn't loading. Uhm, yeah, I dunno the JSON size of that, I will have to check. But I don't think it's that huge. It's not accessing all the devices by any means.

Not sure how to do that. Just from a browser? Ping the ip address you mean? But I think it's the web server that's running so slow. Not sure how to do it.

Just thought it would be interesting to see the time ing if the hub sent a ping to a site to understand where the slowdown was, you could compare to a ping from your computer on the same network to the same address
Hub - router- Google
Computer- router- google

Oh yeah, for sure. That could be revealing. But I'm not sure how to do that.

Is that possible? I don't see a ping option anywhere on the hub. Would be a good tool to have.

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Could something be written in RM?

Would @bptworld's web pinger work for you.
I use it to detect if my internet is down.

I saw some timeouts when testing some dashbaords commands yesterday. My internet was stable. It could be an issue with load or something else at AWS.

No traditional (ICMP) ping is available from the hub. Off course, one can ping the hub from another computer ....

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME - one cloud setup a complex hub security password, go to ipchicken.com, log into the router forward port 80/443 to the hub's internal IP, grab the "local" dashboard link, swap out the local IP for the external IP shown by the chicken; and see if the issue is your hub, or "the cloud" AWS.

Interesting hypothetical scenario, but since it is highly discourage, we'll never know :wink: :laughing:

An alternative way of testing this without exposing the hub is to access a local dashboard over a VPN while away from the local network .....

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Well I have DNS set to my ip. ..but use a VPN. The commands in my test set were very small in size (JSON).. the issues appeared to be upstream. (Could be AWS, or an ISP connectivity issue)

And no one should port forward to their device as it is not secured properly to be exposed to the internet











So, tiny I suppose :weary:

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Any updates on this? I'm experiencing a similar problem.