No firmware updates?

I haven't seen a firmware updates for the C7 in many months??

That is correct, the last hotfix was in June. Is there an underlying question? :slight_smile:

If you're curious, the next release is currently in testing:


The "usual" cadence is around three months or so between releases, give-or-take, so and there is a release beta test in process, so the release timing is pretty boringly normal. :wink:

Join the beta if you would like to help w/beta testing. Fun stuff.


It seemed to me there has always been some hotfix, or update in one form or another being released every month or so. After 3 months, I began to think maybe my C7 wasn't receiving updates for some reason. At some point, I 'll upgrade to a C8, Maybe when Matter/Thread gets ironed out more.



No need to wonder. :smiley: Follow the "Release Notes" category in the forum to see for sure:

If you set it to "Watching," as I have here, you'll also get notifications (or more, depending on your account preferences) when posts are made, which for this category should only be new releases or hotfixes:

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 19.56.32

That being said, as long as your hub has Internet access, you'll see them there too, at least within a day or so.


What is it you see as needing an update?

I continue to be fascinated by the desire people have for change, for the sake of change. If a thing does well what it's supposed to do, sometimes it's best to just leave it alone. My C7s just work. Reliably. Every time. All the time. What needs to change?


One example that immediately comes to mind is the HomeKit integration. It was released as a beta feature earlier this year, and should soon be considered to be out of beta when the next firmware update becomes generally available.

Each firmware release also adds new device support. Sometimes new features, like text-to-speech support for Apple HomePods via Airplay, which should hopefully be included in the next general platform update.

You might be perfectly satisfied with your Hubitat’s setup, and that’s fine of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that others are perpetually chasing some dragon if they are interested in some kind of ongoing pace of platform developments, even if they don’t have a specific need that’s already well conceived of.

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The current beta isn't just for the c8, it affects the c7 as well. Like above you should consider looking at joining the beta. Lots of new features and fixes.

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To be frank, I realize we need ongoing firmware updates and fully support them. I just get amused at current society's constant clamor for "new, new, new". I often think that most of us would be so much better off if we thought less about the next thing we "need", and more about how to make the best use of the thing we have in hand. I also find it amusing for people to interpret a methodical, deliberate pace of development as all but certain demise. Humans...


Personally I like playing with new...In most case the old is intact and you're just beta-ing the new. Meh, whats the worst that can happen? I mean just roll back if one doesn't like it....

Destroy your waf.


100%...been there, destroyed that. :exploding_head: :wink:


But reverting gets your wife back.... It's like playing a country song backward!


That can still be an arduous trek.

… and how well did that work when we were playing vinyl records backwards. Lol. :japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin: it was UG-LY.

Nah, got me a gig as a DJ scratching disks at the Paladium...

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2 years later WAF still recovering from Alexa "Hunches".


Ah! That was what we did wrong. We just played them back to front with out the intermediate reversals.

Straight back to front = :poop:
Intermediate reversals = :musical_score::notes::musical_note:

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I agree. Takes months and months to accumulate points and can get reset to 0 in seconds !!!


We just want the latest bugs.


Its not a bug, its an undocumented feature!


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