Nightlight for kids recommendation?

HE has made my Smart Home adventure so awesome, my wife last night asked if I could do a "night light" for the kids that they could turn on when they go to bed and we can control from out of the room.

I'd rather not install a lamp and bulb for this scenario, does anyone know of a "night light" that is zwave or zigbee?

Thinking a wall plugin or batter powered would be best, but open to creative solutions as well.

I searched the forms but didn't see anything here.

Thank you!

Cc: @april.brandt as you always have awesome crazy ideas :slight_smile:

Child 1 - we have a dimmable bulb for their overhead (ie normal room light)

  • night light is just that bulb dimming from a smart things button next to their bed

Child 2 - has led's under the bed, similar smart things button on the headboard that let's them mange the light.

I'm sort of doing this today for their room as I have a Lutron dimmer for their main ceiling light, but looking for an even lower light specifically for my kid who's on the bottom bunk bed, so #2 is promising.

I like this. What are you using for the LEDs and to control them?

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I'm using this zigbee controller with normal rgb strip (anyone you find at amazon is pretty much fine)

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Not sure if it is in active production.. I got one off ebay to play with:

It even has a battery backup for power failures

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Awh thanks! I'd use led's under the bed like @rob121 mentioned. You could use a nice relaxing color. I tend to use lightify strips for most everything. They're really cheap right now, but they can cause mesh issues if you get too many of them. terrible repeaters. Then I'd maybe use a motion sensor to turn them on if they get out of bed so that they can see if they need to go potty. (kids go potty)

OR if you have crown or want an easy way to conceal a strip up high where they can't mess with it, then elevate it and hide it with a strip of trim to go around the room.

With LED strips, you can light just about anything.


In my kitchen/dining, I have rules that dim the strips down to 15% when inactive and ramps up to 75% at night when there is movement. That way you can see, but if you open your eyes, it's not completely dark. I know this to be ideal for a kid because I was terrified of the dark. I'd be happy to share that rule with you.


RGBGenie won’t mess with your mesh... :grin:


If you give them a button, to manage the light, then if they press it to turn it on, you could be notified of it. No more sneaky midnight tonka sessions when mom and dad aren't watching. SCORE!


Awesome, thank you @rob121

Thank you.
Can they dim really really low for a true night-light effect?

I have a strip of 2 at night and I'd say that they're night light effect. I'll see if I have a photo of my kitchen at night.

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Considering this one given the price, included controller and from what I can tell the LED strips are from lightify.

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Those are the ones that I use. Keep in mind that they can be problematic. If you have a lightify hub, you can put them on Adam's lightify project.

Also consider lighting a toy? I think it might be cool to consider lighting a novelty toy instead of something ordinary. I'd need to see what would be available as to how to light it. But might be a possibility?

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Can you expand on this? I do not have a lightify hub, am hoping to pair directly to HE.

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The Mijia/Yeelight Bedside Lamp is on the compatible devices list. Set it to any color you want. Simple install.


They tend to repeat very poorly, so they're considered to be on the iffy list. They haven't gone crazy on my mesh, but each environment is different. if you search lightify, you'll come up[ with topics on it.

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I have some short pieces of RGBW LED strips cut from the ends of much longer.

About a year ago, using a Qubino RGBW module, I stuck it around the inside rim of a plastic wall clock in their room. It is brighter for the first hour of bed time and then dims to it's overnight level. I set the color to whatever they could agree upon. It's about 9 LEDs long so it can't get painfully bright, and does get quite dim.


I have Phillips strip on the Hue bridge under the bed control by a pico mounted beside my daughter's bed and motion sensor.
Pico Button control
1 = full bright
2 = brighten
3 = random color
4 = lowest dim on red. This is the default nightlight
5 = off

Motion sensor turning back default setting if light is off and time between 11pm - sunrise.

Interesting. Ok, so if this happened, I should look at finding a better e.g. the one @rob121 recommended which should be able to power these same LEDs?

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This is exactly what I was looking for. If the LEDs don't work out, I might go this route even though it's more expensive. Thank you.


I'm running one of these, No issues with it except they are a little bright even at level 1.
You could always block some of the LED's to lower the light level.