Next gen hub should support BLE

I may be reading this wrong but BLE allows mesh? Seems like a big benefit to be able to use smart plugs to reset routers and aps when the lan is down


BLE has both advantages and disadvantages.

Access to your HE hub does not require Internet access. It only requires local network access. That means your hub and router need to be powered. As long as you can connect a computer, tablet, or cell phone to the router using WiFI or Ethernet, you can access the HE hub. Thus, I fail to see how BLE would enable you to do something that cannot be done already.

The only advantage I see to adding BLE to the hub would be to enable access of BLE devices such as switches and locks, but since the HE hub already supports Zigbee, Z-wave, and some WiFI devices, I don't see that as a significant advantage.

What am I missing?


If you want to power cycle a router or access point, why not use a z-wave or zigbee outlet and a zigbee or z-wave button setup to run an automation that turns that outlet off, then back on after 10 seconds?

How would BLE be different?


I think the most valid reason at this point for the addition of any protocol would be access to more products. Some would be better, some would be crap but opening the door for inclusion of other protocols wouldn't be a bad thing. This goes for thread and matter as well. Now the programming and hardware requirements in terms of cost and development time are certainly factors when based against demand for said products, but as I said, opening up to other products isn't a bad thing.

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I'm actually thinking of doing this now that HE supports PING. Right now I just have it set up to alert me. But of course if the internet connection is down it can't alert me so I'm limited at the moment to detecting other elements are down as long as HE can get to the Internet :slight_smile:

I’m asking, not telling. But doesn’t you’re router need to be up for lan? So if it crashes then you can’t use a non ble plug to restart it. Also say the wifi ap you’re (iPad) is connected to goes out, won’t u need ble to reset it?

Didnt think of that

There are (were?) devices that specifically watch your internet connection, and cycle the router if there is no ping to an outside server.

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@frmWink2Hubitat - this is a great suggestion from @neonturbo. I used to have something like this:


If one of developers wanted, couldn’t Hubitat do this via an app and a zigbee switch?

Yes. And I think you can do it just as easily using Node-RED or RM.


I might do this for my rpis as well

Careful - they’re prone to sd-card corruption.

Would it not be possible to do this with HE and a smart plug? Just use the new Hubitat ping driver, find an external address that will pretty much always be ping-able and then write a simple rule to shut down and restart the outlet if the virtual presence sensor detects the ping-able address isn't anymore.

My Hubitat hub, router, Hue and Lutron bridges are all powered through a uninterruptible power supply. I have never known my router to go down. My Internet will go down occasionally, but my LAN is still functional.

If the power outage is lengthy, it is possible that I could drain the UPS batteries, but then both the Hubitat and the router would be offline. However, by then I would be able to power up my portable generator to recharge the batteries.

Remember that incorporating BLE devices means another entire set of device drivers.

If the Connectivity Standards Alliance manages to simplify things and make connectivity easier, then perhaps it will one day be simple to connect Z-wave, Zigbee, BLE, and WiFi devices. However, as my normal life expectancy is about 14-15 years, I am not sure I will live long enough to see it, but I might be pleasantly surprised. :joy:

Yes, but you are relying on the hub to be accessible if the router is down. The Hubitat rule might work if it is the modem, but likely fail if it is a router. And the original question was about the router.

Either way, this is a dedicated device that might in certain circumstances be better than a rule. That generator/UPS example by rwclements228 above is a good one.

I'm not sure I follow. If the router is down the external address would not be pingable and HE would reset the router via Zigbee. No need to access the hub. Of course if the router and modem are separate I might have two different outlets and ping an internal address for the router and external for the modem but I think the logic still works. Notifications would not work until network connectivity was restored, of course. Am I missing something or do I need to have some more coffee?

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Well said. More availible products by BLE would be a nice thing. :+1:

This one is another option. All eight outlets can be controlled individually via a browser and each can be set to ping an IP address every N seconds and automatically power cycle an outlet after X ping failures. I use one at our vacation property (located 600 miles from our primary residence) to power cycle my router after 30 ping failures (pings occur every 5 mins). After 60 failed pings I power cycle the cable modem outlet.

I also have the HE hub connected to one of the outlets and have had two instances where the HE hub locked up and could not be rebooted remotely while connected via a VPN connection. I was able access the Web Power Switch web GUI and power cycle outlet the HE was connected to. Very handy when you're located 600 miles away and stuff stops working :slight_smile:

I had a couple similar devices. One of them went bezerk and started powering the outlet on and off repeatably, causing all kinds of issues. I ended up getting rid of them. Sometimes a solution becomes the problem.