I'm about to be a new Hubitat user. My hub is on order and arriving this week. I'm also pretty new to the whole smart home automation thing. I have a good technical and electrical background but no programming.

I currently have a couple Kasa switches and Kasa dimmers, a couple Wink wnk-mot1 motion sensors. I also have a Honeywell TCC thermostat, a Nexx garage door opener, several Alexa devices, a couple Firesticks TVs, a Shield Tv and a Plex server running on the Shield Tv.

So far I've just been controlling things with Alexa and Alexa routines with the exception of the Wink sensors I just got. Is there anything I should know or problems I might expect as I switch over even though this is a pretty basic setup for now. I figured I would learn as I go and grow.


Welcome to the community..

Honeywell TCC thermostat.. The wifi ones?..

Not familiar with Nexx or kasa

Have you looked for supported devices from the community and official drivers?

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Official drivers list:

Community drivers list:

Now there are more official drivers than is listed.. and there are more community drivers than that list..


Thank you for the welcome. The Honeywell is wifi and the Kasa's are Tp-Link.
I've browsed through that stuff a little bit

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It's the Honeywell Total Comfort Connect wifi thermostat.

I also forgot about the D-Link wifi interior camera

Welcome to the community! You should read the documentation about building an stable mesh. It will offer some good advice. I can recommend some do's and don'ts. Crees, peanuts, lightify, xiaomi (to name a few from experience) cause known issues with hubitat. If you're going to use bulbs, the most recommended are the sengleds because they don't repeat and bulbs make terrible repeaters. Most people that use these problematic devices are using them in a segregated way. On another hub of some sort. So when asking about devices, and reading advice, make sure you know how they're connected to their hubs. There isn't one setup that will be identical to yours. So be wary of "it's been rock solid" as a response unless you know how they are using it in their setup. There's also great info around here if you search out a device you're looking at. You'll more likely find info on it. Work slowly and follow the advice on the getting started documentation.

I'm happy you found hubitat. I think you'll like the local control, but be aware that it limits what you can do from afar. There are ways around these challenges, but to set right expectation is crucial. You'll get lightening fast responses from your devices on a local level, but when connecting to cloud services, you could still experience some latency. This hub is for tinkerers for sure, so if you're not sure about something, please ask before you grow frustrated. Or throw your idea out there before you start. Someone is always around to answer your questions. I hope this bit of info helps to elevate your experience.
Welcome to the rabbit hole. We'll see you on the other side.


For Kasa check GitHub - DaveGut/Hubitat-TP-Link-Integration: TP-Link devices Hubitat Integration without a need for a Node Applet nor a Kasa Account (login).
I have a plug working with hubitat no issue so far.


I had prior used both Kasa plugs and and a wifi Honeywell tstat, both worked great. I've since moved on to z-wave/zigbee for a mesh of reasons.
SCT200 tstat & Iris/Dome/Zooz plugs


Thanks for the great response and info


Thanks for the link. I received my hub yesterday and I'm in the process of figuring out how to install

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