Newbie plunge, leaving ST.. or not completely? Run both?

Received my HE hub today... I'm staring at it lol. Total rookie here.

I've had ST for about 3 yrs. I have abt 25 bulbs, Sengled, Cree, Spotify, 25 ish ST open close sensors, 10 or so ST motion sensors and 3 ST cams. A Yale door lock. I have a ton of Notify Me When and Smart Lighting scenarios. Pretty simplistic really. It actually works pretty well most the time other than the highly annoying fall off of some sensors until I open that door again, etc. Anyway...

I have a bunch of brand new Sengled bulbs, ST open close sensors and Sengled plugs coming soon.

I'm considering setting up the hub with (some of) these new items.

So, speaking to a rookie, can you guide me --

Is there an issue with running two hubs, ST and HE simultaneously, other than the pita of it? Taking my time to switch things over, room by room perhaps?

I've read about Hub Connect but I am not keen on that... I don't think I'm smart enough to figure that out. Seems like prolonging the inevitable, but I'll be the first to admit I don't know.

Any and all guidance is super appreciated. Thinking I'll tackle this Sat. Thank you!

I am forced to run both since I don't seem to have the necessary skills to unpair my sensative strip from SmartThings and I do need its events.

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Ditto on the. 3/4 years front.

I decided to take the slow walk, transferring contact sensors first, then temp sensors..... Etc.

I was in no hurry so I've ended up with a far sleeker system than my original botched together spiders Web =p

Probably because as the years go by, you learn more I guess.


I am just using the inbuild Hub Link app to connect my SmartThings hub.

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I started out slowly transferring devices with fewer dependencies, then moved on to more devices and underlying rules/apps. I think it took a few months, but I've been off ST for so long, it's nothing but a faint memory. I completely understand some may have a dependency requiring both hubs, but I've been happy to be solely on Hubitat ever since.

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I had intentions of moving methodically, then decided the band aid method was going to be better. So many things are intertwined, different lights controlled by the same sensors and vice versa, that I just decided to go for it. It only took me a couple days to get everything moved over and a couple more to get 90% of my pistons working as intended. I say just go for it.

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You may want to hold off on Sengled outlets... I seem to recall that these are NOT Zigbee Repeaters.

You may want to invest in some SmartThings Zigbee outlets or IKEA Zigbee outlets instead to help build out a solid Zigbee mesh for your new Hubitat hub.

Also, the Sengled Zigbee bulbs work great with Hubitat because they are not Zigbee repeaters. Most other Zigbee bulbs, like Cree and GE LINK, cause problems with Zigbee HA mesh networks. These bulbs may be the cause of your current sensors dropping off your ST mesh network.


THANK YOU for the clue-in about the Cree. I only had one so I killed it. I might be overly optimistic, but after a few repairs and reboots, I think the whole system is better off for it being gone. I only have ONE offline sensor now, but I know why - dead battery.. it's deep in the recesses of the basement, so I'll get to it. It would've taken me forever to figure that out on my own (Cree being the problem) so HATS OFF to you.

Yes, disappointed to learn those Sengled plugs are not repeaters. Oops, my bad for not doing better homework. I ordered some of the Smartthings Zigbee ones.

Got the HE up and going tonight, but not a single device yet. I so want to do this right. I'll have Sengled bulbs, Smartthings repeaters, Ecolink & ST open close sensors to play with when I'm ready. I know how I am, and once I start, I can't stop, so I'll have to make sure my calendar is wide open for awhile. I almost want my ST to screw up really bad so I'll have a catalyst to prompt me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for all that replied, and love hearing any advice.

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I'm still holding on to my ST hub V2, and no plans on letting go. I'd suggest doing what I did. 1 automation on ST 1 on HE. In almost a year, the HE automation failed over 15 times, the ST hub maybe 1 or 2 failures. ST used to be much slower, but is now very fast, but that may change when ST is done making MAJOR changes. Don't worry it's not the changes they promised forever, like more local devices, bluetooth, etc.

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