Newbie - Lutron Caseta 2-Hub Integration

I have approx 90 Lutron Caseta devices in my house (all switches and dimmers) - a new finished basement put me over the 75 limit. 99% of the time, we ask Alexa to turn lights on or off - by room, group or all. We also use Apple Home on our iPhones. Pretty basic usage with only 1 schedule for our outdoor lights.

Couple questions -

  1. Is there an easy way to import devices from the config list or copy/paste the info into Hubitat easily?

  2. Given Alexa can only use 1 Lutron Hub at a time, does it make sense to create both hubs in Hubitat or just the second one? One hub has 75 devices, the other has about 15. The 75 exist already and working great - the 15 are new and currently not accessible given 2nd hub.

  3. Are there pros/cons to consider with #2?

Thank you in advance.

Yes. copy/paste the Configuration List. See the documentation:

You are aware that you have to use the Smart Bridge Pro version of the hub, right?

As for #2, you could give all 90 different device names and it would export to Alexa.

I'm not sure, but I believe 2 Lutron Hubs can only be done with RA2. Yes, you can install two instances of the Lutron Integrator (one for each hub), but I believe the issue is that only RA2 allows you to change the radio frequency for the communication to Lutron devices.


With Hubitat you can connect however many Lutron Smart Bridges you want, without limitation. They must be Smart Bridge Pro. All of there devices could be shared with Alexa via Hubitat, instead of via Lutron app.


Those are two separate issues. You can have multiple Caseta Pro hubs as well. The frequency change removes the latency when a Pico is used to control a Lutron device via Hubitat. And that can't be done using a Caseta bridge or a Radio RA2 Select bridge.


Thanks! I read the documention - was hoping if there was a parcer or importer that would take the config file from Lutron and import it into Hubitat. I can see I can key them, easy enough, was just hoping for an Easy button.

Yes - both my hubs are Pro.

Appreciate the info.

Thanks! Yes, both my hubs are pros.

More curiousity - why not let Lutron surface hub 1 and then Hubitat surface hubs 2 and beyond?

Finally, any easier way to enter them into Hubitat other than key them in?

If you search around, someone had a script that transformed the integration report for a Caseta into the CSV text needed by the integration.

As for Alexa, it depends on what you want to do.


There is. Email yourself the integration report. The integrator in HE can import it automatically.

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