Newbie Ilumin LZW42 with Alexa

I've just stated today and have had luck so far. I've been able to add my Inovelli Black switch to operate with my Alexa Show 5. I was also given some of the Ilumin LZW42 light bulbs. The bulb fixture is not connected to the Inovelli switch. I have one loaded in Hubitat, but can't seem to get them into the Alexa skill. I click to add the device and "UPDATE", but when I click "DONE" hubitat does not do anything. Can the Ilumin bulbs be operated by the Alexa Skill?

Yup... mine work at least

Is there somewhere on this site that goes step by step to set these up? I'm also trying to set up my Sonos, and getting the same problem. When I click "DONE" nothing happens.

To set up the Alexa integration? If so, this document has that information: Amazon Echo Skill - Hubitat Documentation. However, it sounds like you're doing everything right--install the Amazon Echo Skill app on Hubitat if it's not already, go into it and select your devices, click "Done," then wait a few seconds or more for Alexa to see your new devices. At one point you needed to ask Alexa to discover new devices, but as of recent updates, mine now appear automatically. (As documented, if you're in the US or another market that supports the Alexa skill, that integration is recommended over the older Echo App option. Among other things, it supports more types of devices.)

If that's what you're trying but you find that the devices magically unchecked themselves the next time you go into the Echo Skill app, something is wrong. In the case of a light bulb, I've heard of this happening on Google Home (not Alexa but it could be similar) if everything under "Current States" isn't populated. Make sure you're using the right driver, and for a color bulb, try setting the color and color temperature manually from the device page just to make every attribute (these are "Current States") has a chance to get set to something. Just a guess as to what the problem might be!

Not sure what's going on with the Sonos, but I'm pretty sure Hubitat's Alexa integration does not support them in any way. If that's your goal, most of these should have their own Alexa integration on the Sonos (and Echo) side. If you just mean using the built-in Sonos integration app to try to add your devices to Hubitat--a different issue--then the best advice I've seen there is to wait: they're not kidding when they say discovery can take a log time. Rebooting the Sonos device is something that I've heard a few people say has helped, which I tried once (and appeared to work) but can't say if it was that or just waiting more. :slight_smile:


Etprimus.....Did you ever resolve your issue with Alexa? I am having the same problem. Installed a new Ilumin LZW42 light bulb into hubitat, but Alexa can not find it when I have her add a new device. After Alexa runs her discovery mode, No New Devices Found. I have 2 of these bulbs, but have only connected one to Hubitat so far. My wife likes the voice control. I may need to switch to a different bulb if I cant fix this.

I have 42 iLumin LZW-42 bulbs working fine with Alexa right now so it’s not a bulb issue.
I am using the following driver by @bcopeland

Don’t forget you have to go back into the “Amazon Alexa Skill” App in Hubitat and tick the bulbs there too. They should auto-discover and be available once you have that completed.


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OK. Got it working. Not sure what was wrong, but reset bulb, deleted old driver (which was the same), installed new driver, added light to Hubitat, added light to Alexa.

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I did. The trick is to disable the hubitat skill in Alexa and reinstall with your new device.

I can confirm that this was my problem with my Inovelli LZW42 bulbs and Google Home. Google Home kept on rejecting my bulbs with the built-in HE and the Inovelli drivers. However, once I set the bulbs to a color instead of a temperature, Google Home accepted them. Now I can control both color and color temperature using Google Home.

@bcopeland and @Eric_Inovelli: Do you think this is something that can be fixed in the driver so that you don't have to go through these extra steps just for all the values to be filled in for newly added bulbs?

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From my experience Hubitat uses the "colorMode" attribute when adding to Google Home, but this attribute changes from RGB to CT dependent on what mode it is in. I've had this same problem with the Hue built in driver and adding to Google Home. I think it should probably fixed with the Google Home integration. @bcopeland do you have any insight on this? Basically

If a color temperature change was the last made (so the mode is CT) the device doesn't add to Google Home. If you change the color so the mode is RGB then it adds just fine.

From what I understand it's expecting level, colorTemperature, colorTemperature, color, hue, saturation, and colorMode to have values.. and it's called on the 2.2.1 built-in driver and the community driver on installed() so if it was paired with the driver installed or on 2.2.1 and the fingerprint matched the device properly it should pre-populate those values. If it was on a different driver and switched to that driver it won't pre-populate those values.

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