Major updates to the inovelli LZW41/LZW42 Bulb drivers

I made some major improvements in the Hubitat drivers for the multi-white and multi-color bulbs..

  • dramatically improved speed of CT operations and reduced packet count - Make sure to hit configure after updating.
  • improved speed of on/off events also reducing packets
  • improved speed of setLevel events also reducing packets
  • bug fix for rare null value in setColor

Massive reduction in "popcorn" effect from hub group changes..

I have issued a pull request but if you want to get your hands on it before it gets merged:


Thanks @bcopeland for the new drivers, will do a few tests this week, will let you know if I see something...

BTW do we need to reconfigure every single bulb?

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Just a precaution .. It resets the lowest CT and highest CT values for the new CT change method to work properly... If installed a newly paired bulb this wouldn’t be necessary..

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Thanks for the info!

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Thanks @bcopeland! What's the best way to update the driver, do i just replace the old code and click save? Then I hit configure on each bulb?

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Wow.. I forgot this thread was here..

That code is old..

And yes.. replace old code and hit configure...