Newb from SmartThings

I took the decision a few months ago to move away from ST for a number of reasons. Just spent the last few weeks researching the forum and found all my answers.

I’ve now setup my HE hub and migrated my entire estate of contact sensors, Hue lights, motion sensors and buttons across to HE with very few issues. WebCore and RM both installed and all pistons moved across and functioning.

I just wish I had done this years ago.

Thx to the forum and all the contributors and devs for creating a great resource to learn from.

Now I’m looking for inspiration what to add next lol.


Welcome!!! Not knowing what you already have here are some ideas:

Zooz Relays - control/monitor lots of stuff

Inovelli Strip Lights

Personal Weather Station

Security &Monitoring

External "Companion" Servers

Other Stuff

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Smart Locks
  • Presence Detection

Sorry I should have said what I have.

Hue lights mainly GU10 but light strips also
ST motion, contact sensors, leak sensors and buttons
Ring Security cams
Canary indoor cams
Nest smoke and C02

Thx for the links - I will research them

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When I came over and finished the basics of porting devices, pistons and alarms, I searched for "[Release]". You will get a tonne of device drivers and apps to read about and spark the imagination.
Life is so much better here after 6+ years of the other.


Welcome! Many of us share your journey.

One thing I learned is that separating ZLL lightbulbs on their own network is extremely helpful in keeping your zigbee mesh healthy. Many of us do that by leaving their Hue hubs in place, keeping HE for zigbee devices other than lightbulbs, moving HE to a different zigbee channel if they conflict, and using the very reliable Hue integration app (or, if needed, the community-supported CoCoHue integration).