New user with a few?

Hi I am a new user of the c7 hub
I have some questions
1 where do I go to enter static ip address?
2 can I use a longer usb cable for power?
3 is there away on a dashboard tile to have it show the status of a switch but never be able to tun it off?
thanks, Beau

A little unclear what you mean, but if you want to assign a static IP address or DHCP reservation to your hub, you would go to your router’s admin page. The details are different for every router, so I suggest checking your router’s manual.

Yes, although there is a limit to how long a USB cable can extend before voltage drop becomes an issue. There are active USB extension cords, and it’s also possible to use a POE switch with POE splitter to power the hub over a longer distance.

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You'd set your static IP for the hub on your router, the hub does not provide a static IP option. Best to do it on the router as that will be the cleanest way and you can't screw yourself up by setting multiple devices w/the same IP, etc.

I've used two USB cables (one USB extension to connect to the one that comes w/the hub). Short answer, yes. You can also use POE if you have a switch or router that supports that. You'll need a POE splitter between the powered ethernet cable and the hub.

LOL...twins, @marktheknife

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There are a couple workaround options here for #3.

I'm not a fan of USB cables.
I know the ac adapter can be bulky in some installations but I would suggest if possible / legal you first try using a A/C extension cord.
If you must extend the USB cable purchase a good quality cable, else you will lose voltage in the cable and could cause intermittent issues.


True...many times using the cheapest stuff gets you in trouble. My Amazon basics USB extension worked w/the hub w/out issue for power. However I've sinced moved to POE.

There is a tile type you could use - "attribute" then pick "switch". It will display a tile that has the word "on" or "off" depending on state, but it doesn't show the switch icon or change color as it goes on and off, only the words on or off change.

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hi, @danabw what are you using for poe setup?
I have a non poe switch I am not sure what I would need

I had a 4 port POE injector that I had purchased some time back for some cameras, but I had replaced the POE cameras w/powered ones, so wasn't using the injector any more. It was an inexpensive unit I found on Amazon. I'm using it along w/the splitter below at the hub.

They don't sell the exact model I have any more, but this is the same brand/general specs. The main thing you want IRRC is it should support the 802.3af / 802.3at spec.

This is the splitter I'm using to connect the ethernet cable from the POE injector to the hub:

This simple POE injector should work fine for you if you're only powering one device:

Just put the POE injector in-between your existing switch and your hub. Ethernet cable from switch to the injector, and from injector to splitter, and splitter to hub.