New to this. Question on plugs

I just recently received my Hubitat and I want to automate my Christmas lights. What are some good plug in outlet switches that are Zigbee? I tried looking around online and it is hard to tell which ones are good and reliable.

Assuming you're in North America, there are many zigbee outlets that work well with Hubitat, including the Innr ones linked below:

There are also cheaper choices sold by Sonoff and others that work well with Hubitat. However, I am unsure if they are UL/CE listed.


You are correct the Sonoffs are not UL/CE but they have a EC/REP marking.

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I just counted. I have 13 of the Sonoff s31 lite modules in use and 7 of the Sonoff ZBR3 inline

And I recently bought four more of the S31’s.

I like them - they are cheap, you can plug two side by side in a single outlet, and they play nice with Aqara.


Ikea Tradfri outlets are probably your cheapest option.

For locations were you want a nice clean install, I like these:

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Right now everything I have wired into the walls is zwave … except for one Hudson Bay fan switch which I plan to swap for a inovelli if they ever make them again.

Not that We have any plans to move, but I just see it as a cleaner solution not to mix the permanent stuff.

IKEA’s are cheap, very reliable, and surprisingly their Zigbee repeater is compatible with most devices.

Cons are;
Form factor
No power monitoring
No local button to turn them in

Still a very good recommendation.

I have ordered several sets of the Sonoff SA-003 plugs. You can get them direct from Sonoff/ebay:
Zigbee Smart Plug Remote Control Socket Outlet Switch Alexa Echo work eWeLink US | eBay. Last I ordered them they were ~$6/each. They take about a month to be delivered from China. They come up as an eWeLink SA-003-Zigbee. They work very well as repeaters too.

With the price being close to the S31 lite, I'd probably get those instead.

I am in the UK and would also recommend the UK versions. There is a European version also.

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Salus SP600 outlets.
I currently have 5 of these.
They do power monitoring using the stock Generic Zigbee Outlet or there is a user driver out there that gives presence detection for the device if it should go AWOL.
They also repeat and have a manual on/off button.

I use these.
SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Smart Plug, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Alexa / Google Assistant - 4 Pack (75591)
I have about 12 of these in my house and have used then for a few years. I have never had one fail or fail to work correctly.

One thing to note is the size of the outlet. As larger outlets can prevent multiple outlets being used next to each other.


Thank you for this. I do want to put a few in wall ones around the house.

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Centralite...reliable, good repeaters, and form factor is pretty good.

@loganblack83, you've gotten some recommendations already but most of these are for indoor plugs. If you want to also control outdoor lights, I'd recommend looking at the various options from Kasa. The prices are typically good. The community app by @djgutheinz is excellent and allows cloud or local control of the various indoor and outdoor Kasa devices. The only thing to keep in mind is to reserve an IP address for each device on your router so they don't change.

These devices frequently go on sale on Amazon. Since you have some time before Christmas, I'd suggest monitoring the prices of the devices you're interested in and buying on sale. I've been using these for similar use cases. The indoor outlet has a $5 coupon which makes the cost $6.25 each.

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I've had good luck with these. Less than $10 each. They pair right away and work with the HE generic zigbee outlet driver.