New to this and need help

ok today I got a motion sensor and added it to habitat.
I added the Maker API and used a

to the alerts part http in Blue iris

when the sensor gets motion blue iris dose not record the motion. there is no alert..
please advise what I'm doing wrong, thanks.

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I'm not able to read your reply ?

I read your question wrong... :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

For my purposes, everything I could ever need is covered with @bptworld excellent Blue Iris app.
[RELEASE] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control

I'm new to Hubitat.. what's an easy way to get bi control?

Another excellent user app. @dman2306 Hubitat Package Manager.

There's a comprehensive readme on his GitHub.

Hi. It looks like you already got an answer.

I am not 100% sure but I think you should edit your first post and remove your access token.

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this. the access token is to your hub. definitely suggest removing it for security

@bobbyD ^ you might want to edit the OPs post regarding their token

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