New Temp Humidity device not working correctly - generic zigbee TH driver

Picked up this sensor from Amazon.

Paired it and used the generic zigbee Temp Humidity driver. In devices it shows as

model: TS0601

Took quite a while to poll any values but eventually read 32 for temperature and 0 for humidity. Actual temp is 20C/68F and RH 38%. Hasn’t updated in 10 hours. Any more suitable driver for this little bugger? I’m a noob to Hubitat.

ps.. can’t put in amazon link or photo.

Welcome to HE and to the forum! If you follow this link you can register to post pictures etc

When you're just starting out I'd really recommend choosing devices from the list of supported devices here:

Not that you can't use unsupported devices - most of us do all the time. But when you start out there's a lot to learn and sticking to this list just makes things easier.

However... on to your issue!

I'd suggest re-pairing your device. You don't have to unpair it first, just to re-pairing (not repairing) it and see what happens.

But wait, there's more! I'd also strongly suggest you read the following before you go much farther. I didn't, and I spent a lot of time and effort later that I could have saved by RTFM :slight_smile:

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I have spent many hours looking through the forum, searching specifically for the make/model in the device description. A general google came up with a HA post about it, but nothing in Hubitat as of yet. I will try re-pairing a third time and see what the results are. Thanks

It’s a TuYa device. Try this driver from @kkossev:


Loaded the driver you suggested and it’s now working well. Reporting correct temperature and humidity as well as battery level. I saw this driver mentioned in another post but hesitated to try it as the device mentioned had a local LCD display. However, the device I have, a blank plastic sensor without display, is now working. I’ll kick the tires on it. Much Thanks! Tim


This is the thread for that driver. You might want to reinstall it via HPM so that you get notified of updates to the driver.


@bepmoht can you post a link to the site where this sensor was purchased?
Also, can you observe how often the T and H are updated?

This is the item from AMZ.

Don’t know if this log info is any help in reference to the polling you asked for.

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