"New" SmartThings 2018 sensors

[EDIT: All of these now work natively with Hubitat. As of 2020, most/all are also getting difficult to find as Samsung appears to be shifting around their hardware business, but that's another story. Still good devices if you can find them! Hopefully whatever they or their partners release next will also work well.]

As many of you know, Samsung released a few new "2018" sensors and devices in the last week or so, including:

...in addition to a new hub (though nothing impressive unless built-in WiFi is appealing). I was wondering if anyone has tried using any of these devices with Hubitat and what your experience is with them. As we learn more, perhaps we can update the Compatible Devices Wiki (or the incompatible devices thread) as appropriate.

I'll start: I bought the three devices that were most appealing to me from the above, the multipurpose sensor (curious how vibration works), the button (almost cheap enough to give Xiaomi a run for its money, and supports press, hold, and double-tap), and the motion sensor (cheaper than Iris and comes with a magnetic mount, unlike most ZigBee sensors I've used). The motion sensor just arrived today and I'm able to pair it, but it unsurprisingly just pairs as a "Device." I tried changing the driver to "Generic ZigBee Motion Sensor," but so far nothing is reported.

Anyone have any luck with any others? I seem to remember reading that they are ZigBee 3.0, so hopefully these won't be too much work to support on Hubitat if that's the case.

EDIT: Things have, of course, changed since I originally wrote this post. Hubitat has added support on the generic drivers for most/all of these devices (all I've tried and seen below). Experience varies; in my experience, they take a long time to pair (minutes--I almost gave up, especially when I moved them to a different hub and back to get a firmware update; I can't remember if the very first pair was also this slow or if it's just subsequent ones).

As of the time of this update (December 2018), nobody seems to have reported terrible problems, but there are a few things you'll want to be aware of: (1) many users report duplicate events sent from the button if it's been dormant for a while (a firmware update on the button should fix this, but you'll need an ST hub to get that; a community workaround driver is also posted below); (2) the multisensor supports vibration on ST, but the Hubitat driver does not support that (nor is it clear that the device even sends those events when paired to Hubitat); (3) as noted, in many people's experience, these devices take a long time to pair, and sometimes you need to try multiple times.

If you want my recommendation, I say go for it if you think the price is right. They are both cheaper than previous-generation ST sensors and are competitively priced in general (some probably as cheap as you can go without going non-standard like Xiaomi). You may need patience when pairing or re-pairing (I almost gave up after moving them to ST and trying to get them back on Hubitat after a firmware update i wanted for the button and just decided to do on the other devices anyway since one was available). I will probably not buy more in the future due to the difficulty in pairing them unless it's a device with a unique form or function that I really want, like the button. (Iris motion sensors, for example, are just as cheap and even the "v3" ones are a bit smaller, though I'm not sure if they come with a mount like ST's.)


[EDIT: This sensor now works natively with Hubitat. There is no need to attempt to port the ST driver as below.]

Still waiting on my other (slightly backordered) sensors to arrive, but just wanted to give an update on the motion sensor. I'm not seeing any activity reported: "Last Update Time" is when I paired (and re-paired) it, and there is literally nothing under "Last Activity At," nor (unsurprisingly) is there anything in the logs.

I just tried porting the SmartThings Public DTH to Hubitat: SmartThingsPublic/smartsense-motion-sensor.groovy at master ยท SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic ยท GitHub. This one does appear to have been updated for the 2018 sensor, or at least I'm assuming that's what the fingerprint for the "Samjin" manufacturer is for (that what this one is, and I think the last couple revisions were Centralite; didn't check the actual clusters to see for sure). Even with this, I don't get any activity, except "error: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: IAS_ZONE_CLUSTER for class: com.hubitat.zigbee.Zigbee on line 227 (ping)" when I try to use the "Ping" button/function built in to the driver (not even sure if Hubitat uses that--I know a lot of this is just for "device health" in ST), but in any case I don't think that could be causing the problem, and I don't see anything else in the logs, even though the "parse" method should log something every time it runs as far as I can see.

I'd be happy to send mine to anyone willing to work on this since I really like their form factor (and moveable magnetic mount) and price point, and unless they're using a custom profile, they are reported to be ZigBee 3.0 and hopefully should be work-able with Hubitat--but they cost less than Iris and so you might just want to get one for yourself. :slight_smile:

The question I always ask (because I try to act like a young Padawan of @mike.maxwell)...did you hit the Configure and Save buttons?

zigbee 3 is backwards compatible, and I'm pretty sure ST doesn't support it either, unless you entered a pin on pairing that is...
If you want to send me the sensor(s), and aren't in dire need of getting it back within a week, I'll work on it.

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Pretty sure I did press "Configure" and "Save," but I tried again just for fun--same thing (or should I say, lack of things).

I ordered a motion sensor, multipurpose sensor, and a button, but only the motion sensor has shipped (and been delivered) yet. I can try the remaining two when I arrive to see if they work natively, but I'd happily send all three to you to work on if you think it should be possible (and they don't work natively--don't have high hopes after this motion sensor). :slight_smile:

Small update: just found this document for ZigBee 3.0 compliance on the ZigBee.org website (this is for the motion sensor, though the others can be found there as well): https://www.zigbee.org/zigbee-products-2/#zigbeecertifiedproducts/productdetails3/5b3c39ec3fa1fd31834605f6/

Unfortunately (but perhaps unsurprisingly), these documents are not nearly as helpful as the Z-Wave certification documents or even the manuals that come with the product, which usually tell you what means what. I'm not a ZigBee expert, so it's possible one could deduce how the sensor communicates from that document, but I'm not sure if there's anything helpful/specific in there or if it's all just confirmation that it complies with general ZigBee 3.0 requirements.

Still waiting on my other sensors and would be happy to send any that don't natively work off to Mike or any willing person on the staff if they'd like to have a try (after they get here and I figure out if they do/don't). :slight_smile:

I can guarantee you that they will not pick a built in driver to use. They should pair as a device, they should work with one of the generic zigbee drivers of like kind. The cert docs dont tell me anything more than i can gather from the cluster data they present when joining, that tells me the capabilities that should be present, and the commands that should work with the device.

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They do, indeed, pair as a "Device," but I'm not having luck with the "Generic ZigBee Motion Sensor" driver (nothing is getting reported or logged at all). I even tried porting over the Samsung Public DTH above that seems to explicitly include the "Samjin" model (this manufacturer, though again I didn't check to see if the rest matched up) with no luck, either (did get a Last Activity At" for a logged "checkInterval" if I re-insert the battery when hub is searching for devices).

I'll see if/how the other devices work when I get them, but there must be something just a bit different about at least this one.

Did you hit configure after switching drivers?, without doing that with zigbee devices most if not all attributes won't report


OK, so I'm stupid: first, I accidentally chose "moisture sensor" instead of "motion sensor" (not sure if that still might have reported something, albeit not what I wanted) and I only did "Configure" after changing to my modified ST public DTH, where "Configure" throws an error in the logs, "groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: IAS_ZONE_CLUSTER for class: com.hubitat.zigbee.Zigbee on line 240 (configure)". While I'd be interested in figuring out how to port that (I obviously tried), I think that error was preventing it from going further.

Back to the generic motion sensor driver, "Configure," and BAM, it works: reporting motion, temperature, and battery, which to my knowledge are the exact attributes it should report.

Thanks for your help, and sorry for messing some things up my first time around. :slight_smile: Hopefully the other ZigBee 3.0 ST sensors are this easy!


Good old configure to the rescue.
How's the response time on the motion sensors? Are they comparable to Iris motion sensor....assuming you've used them of course.

If you wouldn't mind excluding and pairing the device again then grabbing the fingerprint under the more section during pairing I can then add it to the driver for future inclusion

There is no LED to indicate motion sensed like there is on Iris (among the fastest I've used, and I have a lot), so I'll have to get back to you after I use it for a bit--which might be a while since 1.1.3 has slowed my hub to a crawl (ticket open with support) and everything is delayed right now for me regardless. :slight_smile: But looking at the logs (most still appear to happen in real time for me), it seems pretty fast--I see it about as soon as I lift the device from face-down position, which is how I tested.

And if you're curious, motion goes "inactive" after about 20-22 seconds from what I've seen so far (non-configurable, as with most/all ZigBee devices)--a bit faster than I was expecting but definitely not problematic unless it eats through battery.

Given that they have an adjustable mount and are even cheaper than Iris, these might become my new favorite. Now, onto the other sensors...as soon as they arrive in the mail!

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Here you go!


what about the SmartThings Button
i beein traying to connect it to but no luck so far. any help on that?

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Still waiting on mine (and the multipurpose sensor) to arrive. Did you have any luck pairing it at all? I'd be very surprised if it didn't at least pair as a generic "Device" (for the driver/device type), which you could then change to something more suitable. There doesn't appear to be a generic ZigBee button driver (and I can understand why--too many possibilities as to how many buttons the device has and which button capabilities it supports between push, release, hold, and double-tap), but maybe you could get partial functionality with an existing driver like the Iris fob or 4-button until that gets figured out (not sure if anyone has, and I don't have mine yet).

my pair as a generic device and I switch it to a generic door window sensor and start reporting temperature and battery that as far I got so far.

Not bad! So, the issue is that there is no driver for this device, at least not one built in to Hubitat. I suspect most generic ZigBee devices would at least work for temperature reporting, as most of them report this similarly/identically, but you might get at least partial button functionality with one of the ZigBee button drivers I mentioned, like one of the Iris ones (or maybe even a community Xiaomi driver--just trying to think of popular community button drivers--though there's way more in there than you'd need for this).

Once somebody who has experience writing device drivers and guessing or sniffing ZigBee device behavior has one, I'd expect a fully functional driver to be available. :slight_smile:

I ordered the lot of these, so we'll have some native support once they arrive.


There any place I could get the generic's source code and a couple examples of button drivers, Im trying to learn how to do it myself