New setup adding zigbee light switch


Not sure if i am adding this in the correct place but i need some help and cannot find it online.

I have had my hubitat hub for a bout a month and i can access it all ok without any issues but not added anything to it yet until today.

I purchased a zigbee smart switch (moesgo) Tuya and wired it up successfully and it is working fine manually turning the lights on and off.

This light switch came in the box just the light switch nothing else no zigbee hub etc... as i assumed i can pair with the habitat direct?

The problem is when i pair from the hubitat it doesnt pick it up, and there is no button on the light switch at all, just the 3 way press to turn lights on etc..

So my questions are

  1. Should this be able to pair direct with the hubitiat hub? or do i need to buy another zigbee hub first?
  2. If i can connect direct why is it not working? what are the common issues? the light switch is just the otherside of the wall to where the hubitiat is, i assume if can work through walls?
  3. I dont think putting the hubitat closer will do anything and wanted to know before i go that?
  4. Do i need to connect to the smart life app first? or can i use without that?
  5. THe smart life app says it needs same wifi to pair in the instructions before it switches to zigbee, but obviously the zigbee light switch doesnt have any wifi or reset buttons etc..?

Would be really good to get some answers to these questions so i can get hubitiat working with this well.

Much appreciate responses

Many thanks

Welcome to the Hubitat community!

  1. Yes, a Zigbee device can pair direct to Hubitat. No other hubs needed.
  2. Tuya is tricky. Is it really a Zigbee device? They make Wifi stuff too.
    3, Yes, some devices need to be paired fairly close. Especially if you have a challenging environment like thick masonry walls, metal air ducts, mirrors, and similar obstructions between the switch and hub. Having the hub too close to interference like a Wifi router also can make it hard or impossible to pair Zigbee, they both operate at 2.4Ghz. Be sure the hub is a few feet away from your Wifi router, the further away the better.
  3. If you are using the Tuya app, your device is not Zigbee. That app is for Wifi stuff.
  4. Again, if your device says to use Tuya app, that is a sign you may be working with the wrong device.

What model number exactly is this device?

Do you have any other Zigbee devices to try? Have you looked at the known (tested) and supported compatibility list? List of Compatible Devices | Hubitat Documentation


thanks for the prompt response,

  1. This is the product i have installed I bought from Amazon and is

ZigBee Smart Light Switch, Neutral Wire Optional, Tuya Zigbee Hub Required, No Capacitor Needed, Smart Life&Tuya,1/2 Way, Multi-Control, Remote Control Works with Alexa Google Home,3 Gang

it says you can use a smart life app, but i cannot get the app to pair with hubitat hub either?

  1. My hubitat hub is right next to the router in quite a small office, in order to still get internet to the router via an ethernet cable, i have it in the same room, should i move the hubitat to another room and not use the ethernet cabel?, will it still gets the wifi?

  2. Or should i leave the hubitat where it is and get another zigbee hub for the light switch and place that nearer the light switch, will it then talk to the hubitat from that new zigbee hub ok or will the wifi still cause an issue if the hubitiat is to close to the router?

  3. I will try to reposition the hubitat hub nearer to the light switch and see if that fixes the issue

  4. I guess the main problem i have is, i really need the hubitat in the small office with an ethernet cable otherwise it might cause wifi issues?

let me know your thoughts?

Much appreciated

The Smart Life app works nicely to connect to Amazon/Alexa. You can add the Smart life Skill, which will bridge your device via Smart Life, to Alexa. To my knowledge, there is no Tuya Gateway bridge software that allows Tuya to go to Hubitat. There are specific devices that are Tuya based, which community developers have written, or are writing individual drivers for.
In the end, the rule is 'check if the device your interested in is supported by HE before buying' then make the purchase.
I myself am in the throes of getting some Tuya zigbee units into my network and it's been a slog!

Regarding your comment about Wifi and your Hub - The HE Hub doesn't have built in Wifi, It has built in Zigbee and ZWave. It is a huge area of confusion for the commercial marketplace, that since Zigbee and Wifi both use the 2.4gHz band they are the same - but they are not!
As the previous poster commented, be sure to determine 'Is your bulb WIFI or Zigbee?" because that is a critically important piece of information about how to go forward. I myself, use only Zigbee devices in my home automation, my personal preference.

thanks for your comment but it leaves me more confused

  1. ZigBee Smart Light Switch, Neutral Wire Optional, Tuya Zigbee Hub Required (the latter part I presume that i can use Hubitat hub instead of the Tuya zigbee hub which is why i got hubitat.

  2. My previous 5 points are still areas of confusion, i was hoping that hubitat would simply detect and work with the switch, i tried to include a link to amazon but the forum doesn't allow.

  3. can i use powerline adaptors from the router to the hubitat? if i can then i can put the hubitat in a different room to the router, but still need confirmation if the MoesGo Zigbee smart switch powered by Tuya is compatible with Hubitiat?


Are you putting the switch in pairing mode when you try to add it to Hubitat?
Often this is done by pressing and holding down one of the switches for 5..10 seconds, but it may be different for your device. Is the Zigbee pairing procedure described in the leaflet that usually comes with these devices? (You may need a magnifying glass to read it)

Until you manage to pair the switch successfully to HE, it is not possible to know whether this device is compatible with Hubitat or not. There are probably 20 or even more different switches all using the Moes white label which are produced by different manufacturers and their behaviour is different.

  1. If it's ZigBee it should pair. BUT ZigBee is a protocol without policing, meaning lots of different companies implement it in different ways. So even if your device talks to Hubitat that does not mean Hubitat will be able to control it.

  2. Lack of mesh is most common. Add good repeaters. (flashed Sonoff Dongles)

  3. Moving closer should help identify mesh issues.

  4. ZigBee devices can only work with one mesh at a time. So no smart life.

  5. Generic instructions for all Smart Life devices. Not relevant for Hubitat compatible ZigBee devices.


That still doesn't answer if there is a model number (or part number) listed on the box or preferably the switch, so we know what you actually have. Could you check the package and switch and see if it lists a name and model so we can be sure they sent you the correct thing? There are often very similar looking devices that are completely different.

Not good. They can interfere with each other. Move the hub a couple feet (or a meter) away from the router.


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