New Schlage BE469ZP will not pair with Hubitat

1st can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety? (use windows snip)

2nd. You need to pair the lock within 2 feet of the hub because of the whisper mode encryption key exchange the lock does on pairing.

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Mine paired while in the door 25 feet from the hub.

Each environment is different...if pairing from a distance doesn't work, then getting very close is a next step. :slight_smile:

@user2693 - It would be a very good idea to take a look at your Z-Wave Details page as @rlithgow1 suggests, both to confirm you aren't creating ghosts the failed attempts, and that there aren't other pre-existing ghosts that might be causing problems w/pairing.


I’ve had the same problem with this lock. My BEP469ZP was a version 1.0. It would not pair with HE and is a known issue. The only way I could get it to work was through Ring and then connecting Ring to Hubitat. I hope that helps.

Yes. I tried pairing within 2 feet. No luck.

Yes. Lots of Ghosts. Try to remove. Does not remove. Refresh does nothing.

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This is normal, they put themselves into that group to avoid being in the same group with regular devices. Access Control is an elevated group typically for border/entry devices.

I have two BE469ZP locks working fine. Paired them on the other side of the house, no issues. Do not recall if they have the red buttons or not. Firmware 3.03 reported on one of them.

Post screenshots of your Z-wave details page as asked above. Sometimes a nasty mesh will muck up the radio so bad nothing can be paired or excluded until it is fixed.


Post your z-wave details page. Those ghosts need removed or you'll have issues pairing anything.


Not sure what help the screenshot would be if there are no options to remove. Not sure how orphan nodes can really cause a problem. I think the issue here is that Hubitat does not support these locks anymore. Still works with Smartthings.

Hubitat can pair with these devices just fine. There is even a driver for these devices.

The devices were removed from the compatibility list due to Schlage having very poor firmware on some older devices, and Schlage not providing updates for that rotten firmware.

You have a problem that is local to your environment, Hubitat is not blocking pairing with these devices. They don't have the ability to block devices from pairing.

If a device is trying to route through a ghost node, which doesn't physically exist, then the messages won't get from the real device to the hub. Ghosts can cause lots of issues.


As @neonturbo indicated, there are lots of users who are using this lock with Hubitat. The lock was taken of the list of compatible devices (Hubitat doesn't support any device besides their hub), because of the large variability in z-wave environment dependent performance of the non-plus BE469 locks. Some of this variability is driven by the firmware version of the lock.

You are, of course, welcome to whatever course of action you prefer.

For anyone else reading this thread, I want to point out that the community members who asked you post z-wave details have considerable expertise is solving z-wave issues such as those you have encountered.


I do not see any options to remove other than reseting the hub back to default. Does Hubitat provided any support for this device?

Forgot to address this. Your Z-wave table shows a lot more than this one device. It can show routing, health of the mesh in general, errors, and so much more. We can often determine if this is an issue specific to a device, or your overall mesh.

On a C7, that screenshot might even tell us if you have updated your Z-wave firmware, if you include the whole page screenshot.


@aaiyar pointed this out above.


This is incorrect, and unless you want to persist on refusing help, you aren't going to have a chance to resolve this less painfully than it has been so far.

For more info on how you can remove "ghost" devices from your Z-Wave table using hub features, see this post.

BUT...please post a screen shot (likely will take multiple) of your Z-Wave Details page if you really want effective help on this. Otherwise you are making this harder for both you and those of us trying to help you.


I have 3 of these locks and they work fine provided they are using version 7.10 or above of the firmware.

As to the z-wave details page, it helps us diagnose things. Can you help us help you by posting it? (There is no personal info in it)


If you want help, provide the info requested, if not then you are on your own. There is nothing else I can think to suggest without seeing the full picture of the zwave mesh.

Not being able to get the remove button is odd, usually pressing refresh a couple times will make it show up, if the node is dead.

Also please see this post, especially the zwave section and the zwave firmware update info.


Thank yu for your reply.
Yes. I push refresh. Comes up with pending. Then I see the remove option. Takes a while. I removed all the ghosts. Still having problem with this one lock. The lock can be paired with my smarthings hub so I doubt it's the lock. I also have another lock which is th exact same model that I replaced a year ago that is working. It does not appear to be the lock. It appears to be the Hubit. Just going to drop it for now. Considering switching to an Aeotec (Smarthings) if I have another lock failure.

OK, just create a new topic with the all the info requested if you want further help troubleshooting.

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