New Rule Copy?

Create a new rule from and existing rule (copy) ?

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It cannot be done I'm afraid.
This has been asked a number of times but the response has not been positive.
I agree that it would be great to have this but I don't think it's going to happen.

Absolutely... I just turned off my ST and ISY.

ISY had some of these features that I'm hoping to get from the HE.

It’s not that @bravenel does not want to do it, but my understanding is it’s not a simple addition due to the way Rule Machine is built.

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Could you describe with detail exactly how you would use this? There are ways to re-use the actions of a rule, and the conditions/rule-truth of a rule. So it would be helpful to hear exactly what you're wanting to do, It could be that you can already do what you want, but not realize it. Of course, that may not be true also.


Here's a scenario (I'm new at this, so maybe I'm overlooking a better method):
Setting the color temperature of a light bulb based on time of day when a remote button is pressed.
It'd be great if I could copy my "7:00AM-4:00PM" rule and just update the time and HSL value.

There is no way to copy rules.

Ok, thanks for confirming. Great tool nonetheless and I appreciate its utility.