New RM thermostat triggers not working?

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These new triggers aren’t working for me. Anyone else seeing this?

Actually, you are right. I had a quick test this morning to create a rule and could see the conditions I wanted to use, but as I'm playing around with my own thermostat device driver I didn't actually get as far as testing it worked. Now that I have, it doesn't trigger even when the conditions are met. I have heating point set to 30C, temp is 21.5C and my rule is to trigger when Heating point is >= temp. It doesn't fire.

As it turns out none of my thermostat conditions or triggers are working anymore on the latest firmware.

I just reverted back to version 112 and all the triggers are working again...less the new ones introduced in 113 of course. @bravenel Something in the newest version broke all my rules with triggers or conditions relating to thermostats for some reason.

Looking into it.

Please be more specific, as I am not seeing issues. Show the rule of trigger that isn't working, please.

There is a bug with the set points. Identified and fixed. Release soon. What other problems??

Okay I think I figured out what went wrong. The update somehow broke my rules involving my thermostats. The capability selection in the conditions screen somehow is now blank and I have to re-select it for each condition in all my thermostat rules. See screenshot of the rule then the missing capability selection. Somehow got un-linked during the upgrade. Reverting back restores it. I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help identify the bug.

That's pretty strange. Haven't seen that one before. I suspect that if you fix that rule -- as in, remove it and re-enter it, it will work fine. Let me know if you find otherwise.

Yes very strange indeed. I actually don't need to remove the existing "broken" rule. If I simply go into the conditions section and re-select the capability it shows up again with my previous selected state in this case. Saving it makes it work again. I just have to do this to each rule that was related to a thermostat condition or trigger.

I had the same thing with an existing rule that used a thermostat operating state to trigger. It stopped working with the update to 113 and I had to go into the rule and reselect the state I wanted from the longer list of thermostat command states. Then It worked fine.

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@bravenel So the thermostat Setpoint trigger is firing...but its firing for every value it is set to ignoring the comparison. For example if I change the thermostat Cool Setpoint to 78 it should not trigger but it does. Same with any Setpoint I change it to. Same for the Heat Setpoint trigger.

Well, that's not good! Looking into it.

Found the bug. We will push out a fix...

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Great! Thanks.

In the interim you can get around the bug by using a rule instead of a trigger. The bug was that it wasn't comparing the value for a trigger. So you can use a rule where you would have to put OR between each condition, just as in your trigger. That should work.

Great! Thanks for the tip...I'll do that for now.