New Platform version available now


Elevate Your Hubitat Elevation to Version 2.2.4

We're excited to announce one our biggest platform updates ever. Hubitat Elevation version 2.2.4 adds dozens of compatible devices, several new apps, major Z-Wave enhancements and much more.

2.2.4 Highlights:

  • 40+ new compatible devices and drivers
  • Major Z-Wave improvements for Model C-7 hubs
  • New triggers and enhancements for Simple Automation Rules 1.1
  • New Hub Mesh app--seamlessly connect multiple hubs to act as one
  • New Thermostat Controller app
  • Export and import rules in Rule Machine
  • Create per-user access in Hubitat Dashboard
  • Plus so much more!

Version 2.2.4 is available to install right now in your web UI.