New Lutron PICO in Diva!

Here we go...

And a video


Another topic on it here...


But mine has a video... :stuck_out_tongue:

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You kids and your telebision. :wink:

So, so close to the one-button pico we've repeatedly asked for...

Now that I could use, would buy. A completely reliable and simple button w/almost infinite battery life. I have some SmartThings, Iris, and Aqara buttons aound the house that I'd swap out in a heartbeat.

I mean the standard pico can be used that for that (just the center button)

Yes, but one small working button in the middle of a mess of other buttons would have zero WAF here.

(FYI, When I went to Lutron school in 2019 I was told that a single-button pico would never happen because nothing in the Lutron system could/would support it, and they weren't interested in making hardware for use with other HA systems.)

True that...wife has already nixed that idea here as well, as the Pico is "too big" (to be fair, it is longer than a normal button) and using it that way would "waste buttons." :slight_smile:

I have one on each night stand, and with the occasional table lamp. We don't find it a problem. The on mounted in the kitchen only does house shutdown on the middle button. You tend to ignore the others.