New iOS App Question re Home Page

I installed the new iOS app 2 days ago. I've been looking at the new features and according to the documentation I should be able to see my Mode Status on the Home page. There is a line directly below my Hub Name, but it's blank. If I open it something flashes very quickly and the page goes blank with just a "Done" in the upper right corner.
My Home Settings page shows that Mode Status is turned on. I have 3 modes set up in my system.

This is a known issue that will be addressed in the next update, due to be released as soon as it's approved by Apple.

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Installed v. 2.0.1 (281). Mode Status still missing. I know there was also a problem with listing notifications that was also supposed to be fixed. The notification section says
"LAST 5 NOTIFICATIONS" but none are listed. The old app (1.3.3 164) shows my most recent notifications.

Would you be willing to try the beta version via TestFlight? It has additional fixes that may help your situation:

I'd be willing to try the beta. How do I get access? I already have TestFlight installed.

Follow the link in this post to join the beta: [BETA RELEASE] New Hubitat Mobile App available in TestFlight for iOS - version 2.0.0

I installed the latest beta. The mode is now displaying correctly but I'm still not getting notifications or seeing them in the notification list.

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If you created a new device for the new app, then you'd have to send the notifications to the new device. If you selected a previous device that was created using the old app, the next update will address the problem. There are ways to resolve the issue before the next update.

OK. I selected a previous device that existed with the old app. I will wait for the next beta.

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