New Inovelli switch


Here's an announcement some have been waiting for and with no neutral.


Hmmm....very interesting. Anything with "no nuetral" in the description gets my head to turn. I was planning on replacing one of my garage lights with a Ceseta dimmer but this has sparked my interest. No neutral needed and can repeat zwave into the garage for my zwave Garage controller :thinking:


I saw this today as well. I may pre-order a couple and give them a try. (I hope most, if not all of their functions will be supported.)


We have Inovelli support on the forum through @ericm so we should get most if not all of the functionality with a custom driver...I hope.


Absolutely, everything on the switch that can be supported by hubitat will be. As far as I know, that should be everything. Hubitat will be one of the first platforms supported as it is my platform of choice. :slight_smile:


@ericm, can you provide or point me to documentation on the dimmer switches dimensions? I want to compare it to the caseta because besides not having neutrals, I also have pretty shallow boxes.


The depth of the dimmer has actually not yet been finalized as we are trying to shave off some mm's. It should be similar to our current dimmer though which is 1 3/8".


The info supplied so far indicates no neutral needed, but if there is one, is there a screw for it?

In other words, if I remove a GE, that needs a neutral, will I also have to remove the dangling neutral?


Hope regular switches will be available too. I have Inovelli dimmers but waiting on switches for my extension.


There are other dimmers on the market that do not require a neutral. The downside is they also require incandescent and do not work correctly with LED's. Will this one? I do like the firmware feature of disabling the paddle to the load to use it with smart bulbs that has been a requested feature for the HomeSeer HS-WD-200+ as well.


Will it work with LEDs? Is a neutral option still available? Is this the only design? I already have 16 of your current paddle switches and I would hate to mix match with this new led design.


@jeubanks, there are definitely challenges with low power lighting when creating non-neutral dimmers. That being said, I have several Lutron non-neutral dimmers that handle LED bulbs just fine. Even a single 10W LED bulb has worked with them.

@tonsofguns Unfortunately that design is currently the only one we are working on. We are putting all our resources into making this dimmer (and on/off switch) into the best it can be. Afterwards we will consider releasing a different design for those with the older model.


No. :frowning: You need a motion switch/dimmer. Like the GE 26931/26933. :smile:


@ericm Yes, and I have Lutron non-neutral (or rather had...) that did NOT work well with certain LED bulbs. This is why Lutron publishes a "compatibility list". I see no mention of LED bulbs on the marketing material.

I did reach out to my contact at Inovelli and they have stated a simple yes LED will be supported but no further details about types, wattage or anything.


Yes, this!!!!


I LOVE my GE motion switch/dimmers...

But I would love more competition in the marketplace, and would also like some of the sweet features Inovelli puts in their devices, too!


agreed!! I love the functionality of the motion/dimmer it's genius. But...they are GE/ they just aren't as good as they could be. The Inovelli's I know could be great.

Speaking of @ericm I'm in the middle of a master bathroom remodel. I need two NXW31s and I only have one...installed. This is for his and her vanity lights...I can't for the life of me find one....are they ever going to be made again? This project is getting done next week. Is there no switch to be had at this point?

I hate the thought of having to take the first one out and go with another brand...


My impression is that the new devices are the only devices. The old design isn't available anymore and the new won't be available til May (pre-order now.) I too was satisfied with the older design, and it's far more complete set of features that "smart" has always meant. The new ones, with their no Common needed, is obviously an improvement and maybe one feature I saw didn't stand out for you, but made me cheer is that it does three way with any slave switch. The older already worked with 'regular' switches meaning you didn't have to buy an "Add-On" specific to the active device.

This was great news to me because I've already got GE 3-way (ZWave, not Plus) that I want to swap for Plus. But I already did the work of swapping to an Add-On. The new Inovelli can work with the Add-On I have and I don't have to dig thru my junk box for what I pulled out when I installed the Add-On and swap it back. Great news, for ME. :slight_smile: But May is hard to take. :frowning:


Yeah...that. Plus I have two others in that room plus an on/off switch for the fan. So unless someone is going to sell me one ... I'm going to have to replace 4 switches with another

What other dimmer on/off switches have you guys had good luck with...NOT GE/JASCO please. Should I just suck it up and start going the Lutron Caseta route at this point?


I liked the old design because it looked similar to my other switches and even to the dumb switches. The new ones with the light bar now are going to throw off the matches. I'm keeping an eye on zooz switches now as they look very similar.

Like you, I also do like the features they introduce. The no neutral I think is huge for a lot of people if it works right and I like the fact that you can use two in a 3 way setup. I like things to match.