New Inovelli switch


LOL. Sorry, I am a GE/Jasco guy. Have 70+ of them running right now. I hated the feel of the Zooz, and Inovelli were never in stock. Didn't want to go to something more specialized like Homeseer or Caseta.


The new switches look great based on the renderings. I love the concept of having an integrated LED that is controllable for notifications and such.

@stephack the lack of neutral turns my head the other way! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @jeubanks I've had issues with LEDs on switches without neutrals. I had a stock-pile of incandescent bulbs at the old house just for that reason! We recently built a new home and I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for switches - all the lighting is LED in the new home and I don't want to deal with flickering!

I had started swapping out to GE switches in the old house and they look fine and worked well... the style of the Innovelli's has me tempted, but the lack of neutrals and wait until May has me thinking again! :smiley:


That assumes they are actually available to everyone in May, and not just 'shipping in limited quantities' or only shipping the pre-orders in May - which is what I fear will happen.

Sorry to be pessimistic, but let's be realistic - they have had a shit record of shipping dates and shipping quantity in the past.


Hahah, I hear ya, we all have our preferences. I hated to dive into the Caseta world too but I rarely hear problems and often read good things with their local hub....and I'd rather not have yet another hub...But I'm sort of stuck at this point and I really don't want to keeping switching out switches so I'd like to put something in that I'm going to keep for a long time.


I also am rather fond of the Leviton z-wave plus wall devices. At least they have dim levels you can adjust programatically (on the dimmers obviously).


You can actually always use 2 smart switches in a 3-way, turning one of them into a virtual add-on switch, which is not the same as having a wired add-on like GE/Jasco. It's just a matter of how you'll wire and program them.

Same goes for controlling smart bulbs with smart switches, you don't need a firmware feature to "disable the relay" to always feed power to the bulb from the smart switch, you can just connect the load to line and program everything else via Z-Wave. But we're all looking for creative ways to sell things :wink: