New Hub - add phone to get notifications?

Hey all, recently updated from C5 to C8, instead of migrating, I’m starting from scratch to get rid of any waste.

Can’t seem to figure out how to add my phone again…

In the Hubitat app, go to settings, select the hub option, select the new hub, pick an existing device or use the "create new device" option.

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Sorry can’t find where. I’m in the app, connected to the new hub… but don’t see where to add the device

From the mobile app settings menu, scroll down, tap “select hub,” select your hub, then select the phone device that already exists or select “create new device” if the phone didnt previously exist as a device on this hub.

  1. Open the app. Go to Settings, select the option for "Hub"

  2. Select your hub from the next menu.

  3. Select an existing device or create a new one.


Appreciate the play by play.

When I click on the “hub” only my old one is there.

But when I go to tools, I can find my new hub and “connect” but that brings me out of the app and into the web interface. When I go back to the app, I can only see the old hub

Try logging out of app and back in?

What he said. If that doesn't work, then your hub may not be connected to the cloud service.

If so:

  1. Reboot the hub and try again.
  2. Trying manually setting DNS from the Network Settings page of the Hub menu. Add and click Override DNS.
  3. Reboot again.
  4. Re-test
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This worked! Ha thanks.

Good ole turn it off and back on

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