New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

Do you think this can be in reverse? Homebridge to hubitat?

Can you explain what you’re asking?

Like expose all my homebridge added devices to hubitat

Not possible. There have been people saying that was a project they had in mind years ago, but nothing has ever come of it. Seems it must not be possible or feasible for some reason beyond what I understand.

The closest thing (and it’s barely close) was a project to create an application to take the place of an Apple device to run HomeKit automations (which I’m certain Apple WOULD have a problem with that kind of reverse engineering). They seem to be fine with Homebridge because there’s been no effort to shut it down or cripple it in many years, but taking away Apple TV, iPad and HomePod sales would be crossing a line they may not accept.

I read you can use virtual devices to trigger on HomeKit automations. You know a link to a tutorial on how to do that?

Also, could I pay you to edit some code? I’m trying to make the wink relay show separate relays so it translates in your app.

It doesn’t seem too hard, if I had a clue on how. He said I could update the driver for a parent child, whatever that means

Start with Homebridge. First post in this thread. Then create virtual switches in HE. Add them to Homebridge and then create HomeKit automations.

If you want one way control (HE >HomeKit Device), you need two automations.

• HE virtual switch turns ON > HomeKit Device turns ON

• HE virtual switch turns OFF > HomeKit Device turns OFF

If you want a two way sync, then you need four HomeKit Automations per device.

Example 2:

• HE virtual switch turns OFF > HomeKit Device turns OFF

• HE virtual switch turns ON > HomeKit Device turns ON

• HomeKit Device turns OFF > HE virtual switch turns OFF

• HomeKit Device turns ON > HE virtual switch turns ON

Example 3 (contact and motion sensors):

• HomeKit Device active or open > HE virtual switch turns ON

• HomeKit Device Inactive or closed > HE virtual switch turns OFF

I’m not a developer. Sorry, but you’ll need to learn to do it, or seek assistance from someone who is willing and able.

Thank you.

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I reviewed the devices that were not in sync this morning via the Hubitat web control - it seems that my hub is showing the devices as on when it is actually off. I am not sure who to get help on that but perhaps this issue is not a Homebridge or Plug-In issue after all?

I was having a similar issue with z-wave devices. I found that I couldn’t control one of my older z-wave dimmers from the device page. I reset the power to the device, hit configure, and it began working again for a couple days but that was all. I ended up replacing it with a z-wave plus dimmer and haven’t had any more issues.

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@dan.t this is the same issue I have as well.

AppleTV Gen4 13.1
Multiple iPhones running 12.4, 12.4.1 and 13.1
Hubitat at latest firmware
RPi updated to latest and greatest
NOde.js 12.0.1 with latest updates
Homebridge update to current release
Homebridge MakerAPI current release

@aaron, what do the devices show in Hubitat when the state is wrong in the Home app. With what @walksonair found, it might be that it is not Homebridge that shows the wrong status

They show on, active or unlocked. Seems like it isn’t getting updates from MakerAPI.

Sorry, but I need the answer to be a bit more clear....
Device XYZ shows on on the Home App and off in HE? And you don’t see any errors in the Homebridge logs?

@dan.t is there any chance of getting buttons to work with this?

Pretty much the only thing I don't have working are these types of devices.

Thanks for all you do!

I have buttons working without the caveat you can’t do long presses.

I have this waiting in a commit, but I haven't submitted a pull request to Dan as people are having the issue with dimmers. I'm not sure it's good to add a new feature when there are unsolved issues.

You can submit the pull request, that shouldn't be an issue.



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