New home/build around Hubitat

So moving into a new home and want to build a new system. My previous experience has been limited to a few smart switches/locks/thermostat using google voice to control. I''m ready for my first real build focused around a hub and have chosen the hubitat. Looking for some advice on the build and see if any glaring issues you guys see.

Hub: Hubitat C-8 Narrowed it down to aeotec, hubitat, home assist. Originally I was going to go with aeotec but I think hubitat is a better choice now after some research.

doorbell: Google nest doorbell (wired, 2nd gen) I've been a long time nest user for the doorbell, little slow to respond when trying to open videos on the phone in real time but overall happy with it and looks better than the rest

Door Lock: Yale assure lock 2 with wifi I have a yale x nest now (will be moving this to the garage door), love the lock but does take a minute to unlock. I really like the aquara lock and would pick this but i keep reading multiple stores of people having issues with aquara devices connecting/staying connected.

Door lock #2: Nest X yale Like stated above will just be bringing this lock with me and using it on door to the garage. Smoke detector: Google Nest Protect (x3) This one kinda just for shits and giggles, i hate the look of dumb thermostats, like to be able to shut off via my phone/be alerted if im not home and nice not to have to stab at them when a stick when gf sets them off burning breakfest every morning.

Thermostat: Ecobee enhanced (x3?) Been a avid nest user for past 8 years but think its time for a change. Nest is nice but performance has been poor lately, going to try a different path. Two huge questions here 1) Home is 3 levels with a dumb thermostat on each floor. need to make sure these will actually work with a 1 unit AC with dampers. 2) should i get the enhanced for all 3 levels or go with the more base model for 2/3'd floor?

Smart switch: Lutron Will be using a few Diva switches in areas such as kitchen/living room, and a few for fans, but mostly the Claro switches. I was really on the fence about using Inovelli red's but reliability is paramount for me. Biggest question here is about places i have three way switches, from my understanding i need to just use a remote for the daisy chained ones? also i will 100% need the pro 2 hub from my understanding.

Blinds: Switchbot smart electric blind kit really disappointed here, i've always wanted motorized blinds. I've got some in my bedroom currently but they aren't voice controllable or automatable and they were $700 for one.... hate it. Was excited about the option for roller blinds using the aquara roller blind kit but again hear stories everywhere about how unreliable they are. so going with this and just going to make due i guess. Really wanted roller blind tho

Other question i have: Sensors... my main goal to start is when you walk into a room, light comes on. When you leave the room light goes off. Originally i was going to use motion sensors but looks like presence senors are better option but cant find a ton of info on them? I have a German Sheppard so something to take into consideration.

For rooms i wont be in long (closet, pantry, garage, ect) from what i can see Philip hue motion sensors would be best?

I'll chime on on the switches, as that is what I most familiar with.

I've used GE, Leviton, Inovelli, and Zooz. For the Inovelli and Zooz have been the most reliable.

What I like about Inovelli switches comes in to play in the 3-way switch environment. You can use the add on AUX switches, and they operate just like the main switch. With Zooz, it's simple on/off. No dimming or double tap capabilities. So my vote is for Inovelli.

I have some older Inovelli in my house and a bunch of newer switches I installed in my parent's house and I haven't had issues at either location.

For blinds, my parent's house has Hunter Douglas and the integration with Hubitat works great! Very reliable and does everything we need it to.

So you would suggest going with the Inovelli reds instead of the lutron's? The three way issue was a big concern of mine. From my understanding you cant use 2 smart switches on a if they are 3 way, just use 1 and remote for the second, with reds your able to just connect smart switches to all and be good? My main concern is reliability and being able to use them as dumb devices as well.

I'll defiantly look into the shades. My biggest issue here as the price of actual smart blinds, so was looking to turn dumb ones smart with things like the aquara roller thing.

I don't have a any experience with Lutron.

For your 3 way questions, you don't need to use the full "smart" switches at each location. You can use the less costly "aux" switch, and it will operate just like the smart switch.

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You'll want to go with another flavour deadbolt for HE compatibility and maximum integration.
ZigBee (my personal fav) or Z-Wave.

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The assure 2 isant compatible? my assumption was the wifi version would connect both with Zwave and wifi (wifi was more for if im not at home and need to control it)

interesting, thanks for the info! I'll defiantly look into this then. with the Aux switch you wouldn't be able to actually kill power to the smart one though right? (something im struggling with bad atm with my hue bulbs on non smart switches)

Can’t go wrong with Lutron if reliability is very important to you.

Correct, if you want to use Caseta devices and picos with Hubitat.


Your best choice so far is the Lutron. They have been rock-solid for me.


The AUX only control the smart switch for the way it is programmed.

If you are disabling the relay in the parameters and using it to control smart bulbs only, that's how the aux will work. The AUX only "tells" the smart switch that you're holding up, down, button press, whatever. The smart switch does the rest.

Hope that makes sense.

Kinda, so basically the AUX is just controlling the actual smart switch,

Where's the profit in that? :wink:

But, at least with Yale you can retrofit some of their locks for different applications just by switching the module.

i'm missing something. So my thought process would be that I want the lock to work locally (zwave) unless i'm away from the home in which case the only way i would be able to do anything is via wifi.

Cloud control (not local) is standard with Hubitat using the mobile app/HE Dashboard.
Or personally, I use HD+ and Tailscale.

So basically what your saying is i can get the zwave version, and i wont be able to control via wifi, but it wont matter because i can control my hubitat via the could, which can control the lock via zwave?

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I use Bali Shades and they have been rock solid on HE. They go on sale at HD or Lowes all the time. Bali uses Somfy motors. I have heard good things about Hunter but I thought they were a bit expensive so i went with Bali. i have had Bali running for 7 years through Wink then through HE.

I have Blue Inovelli with an Aux. The only time there was an issue was when I lost Zigbee on HE. They still did their job (turning on lights) though just no notifications. Inovelli just released a switch that works with ceiling fans if that is a concern/interest for you.

I'll have to look into Bali, thanks!

That is correct.

Thanks for the info guys! appreciate it, have my hub being delivered today to start playing with it and learning. Any advice on door sensors, and presence sensors?

I have found that door and window sensor selection may be driven by the shape and configuration of your doors, windows, and the trim. I have a couple of doors where the old SmartThings door/window sensors fit great (and I haven't found anything else that fits). Most of my windows have a groove where screens can be installed. This leaves very little space for a sensor. The Nyce ($$) NCZ-3011 sensors are thin and tiny and they fit perfectly in the available space without blocking the groove.