New home/build around Hubitat

Thanks i'll defiantly look into these two. I was looking a the aeotec smart things multipurpose sensor - zigbee but cant find anywhere that says it is specifically compatible. Also been looking at the ring ones as people say they are a good value and work awesome but seems to be some issue paring occasionally?

With the motion sensors I have tried, it seems like the Zigbee ones react a little bit faster than the Z-wave ones. I am using Nyce (not cheap but reliable and good on batteries), and various versions made by CentraLite, and a couple of ThirdReality I recently bought to try (I like that they use inexpensive AAA batteries). I had one of the early Aeotec multi-sensors that did (amongst other things) motion. It seemed slow at firing on motion events.

Do you know if you can turn existing Bali shades into motorized?

If I was building a brand new home, my door and window sensors would all be wired. (I would even wire the inside doors). This is so easy when the home is at the framing stage and hardwired door and window sensors are so much more reliable than anything that runs on a battery. The majority of alarm systems would have these sensors hardwired due to the need for reliability. While you are at it, I would also wire power to any window where you may want motorized shades/blinds.

In the overall scheme of things, this costs you next to nothing to run this wire when the house is in its framing stage. Even if you don't end up using all the wires, at least they are there.

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That would be awesome but we are well past that portion of the construction. We move in 2 weeks.

I agree. IMO batteries are the worst part of home automation devices.