New here; Migrating from ST as soon as HE arrives!

I'm brand new here, but by no means new to home automation.
I started 15 years ago with X10, then moved to Wink, and I've been on ST for 3 or 4 years - started with V1 and currently on V2 (with the WiFi mesh system).

I'm wondering how well everything will migrate. I have a real hodgebodge of things... to list a few:
GE / Jasco switches
Singled bulbs
SmartThings motion sensors
Iris motion sensors
Multiple no-name contact sensors
Lightify LED strips
Lightify switches
a Fabriq speaker making announcements via Lannouncer
Iris garage door controller
Two Harmony hubs
multiple tablets around the house running ActionTiles
and I have several WebCore pistons

Anyone see anything right away that I'll have trouble with?

I also (eventually) want to integrate my Nest thermostat, and I want to figure a way to use my Fabriq speaker to make an announcement when my GE washer and dryer (WiFi enabled) complete the cycle.

Thoughts? Best practices on the migration?

TIA for any input!

Edit to add: and Google Home and KASA (TP-Link) plugs.

I think the KASA plugs (WiFi) may be an issue!


Welcome Michael!!

Most of your devices should move over. Not sure if the community has Lannouncer working, but probably so, For the Harmony hubs, there is a community version of Harmony Connect; you will need your credentials from ST to make it work.

ActionTiles has not been made available for Hubitat. However, you can use our Hubitat Dashboard to do pretty much the same things with your tablets. There are multiple topics here about Dashboard and how to set it up.

There is a community port of webCore, but some people have problems with it. A lot of users have converted their pistons into Rule Machine rules, and you probably recall Rule Machine from ST.

We have an integration with the Nest thermostat.

You should be able to get plenty of help here for anything that comes up. Our staff frequents the community, and our support department is always there to help out as well.



@branevel , Thanks for the reply!
Glad Harmony is up. I didn't think to look about that before I ordered!

I have looked at the dashboards, and think I'll be fine using them on the tablets.

I only recently started using WebCore, only because I couldn't get what I needed from ST Rule Machine. HE's Rule Machine looks better than ST though, so maybe I'll be OK.

Nest integration is awesome; I never linked it with ST, but will probably try with HE.
Can't wait to get the hub!

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There is a Kasa app that either works with a node.js app running on something on your network or there's a cloud version as well. I've been using the node.js version for several weeks with good success.


Do yourself a huge favor and just don't even go down that road. Learn Rule Machine. It's very capable. You just need to get used to the concept of building blocks (e.g. You may need multiple rules to accomplish the same task you could do with a single piston in webCoRE). Doesn't slow anything down having multiple rules, so don't be concerned with that.


x2, great advice


Awesome! I'll probably use the cloud based one - for someone with a decent HA setup, and the Velop mesh network, I actually don't have a working computer (except a Chromebook) in the house!

I totally forgot about these; I just bought a few a month or two ago. Glad to know they'll work!

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If there are things that won't move to Hubitat.(The list is shrinking), you can always use the smarttings hub link to make them functional in Hubitat. I used it for a while, but I think I've managed to get everything I have into hubitat natively. I only keep smartthings running because ... well ... i'm not sure why at the moment. To get the notifications that it's off line again, I guess.

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You get those even with the hub turned off!

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I CAN'T TURN IT OFF ... SNIF ... I'd have nothing to complain about. And it serves to tell me when my internet is down. Which doesn't happen because I have fiber. But it could.Then I wouldn't get the notification.

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Welcome. I jumped in April. I have kept the SmartThings presence since there are a lot of people that use my TP-Link integration. Just did the last update - but will still support product problems.

The Hubitat Environment is GREAT for development. Very flexible and always available. Not as much documentation for developers - but the environment is very similar to the other one. This group is GREAT!

The latest version of TP-Link in Hubitat is my primary release (now ported to SmartThings). Some of the features:

a. Cloud or Hub based installation via the Application. You can also do the old-fashioned manual Hub based installation.
b. One set of files for either installation (makes maintenance a lot easier for me).

Not carried forward (but will consider if requested) is the Hubitat version of the engery monitoring plug (HS110) nor bulbs.

The code has also been improved to match the Hubitat paradigm for controlling the bulbs.

Adding next week will be support for the new TP-Link dual plug (just bought one, will work on the command string to turn on/off the two plugs independently then publish). Will possibly extend to the power strip - looking for beta tester.



@djgutheinz, all I have is 4 of the HS105s. Glad to hear there's support, and appreciate your work on it!

Just thought of another question. On ST, I currently have a ST custom SmartApp that arms my enabled security system based on presence. Here's the github I used to install Has anyone done this with HE - how difficult for someone (like me, with no experience) to port something like this over?

As bravenel mentioned, ActionTiles isn't available, but SmartTiles works fine. You just need to get your hands on an "authorized" copy. There's two other options, aside from the Hubitat dashboard, that I know of. HousePanel is a PHP/MySQL app, so requires a separate device, which shouldn't be an issue since you just happen to have some tablets. But, linking the different panels might require a true database server, and I don't know if you can run multiple independent copies of the app or not. I was never able to get it to work, because I was using a Fire HD, which requires rooting for HousePanel to install correctly.

The other one is SharpTools. It's a cloud based platform, and promises a remote access option for those of us who don't have the time, know-how or money to set up a VPN. I was never able to get it work correctly, most likely due to how Hubitat treats Hue light groups (or so they say).

And, of course, with Hubitat becoming more popular and SmartThings... stumbling, no doubt the makers of ActionTiles will reconsider supporting Hubitat sooner or later. Wouldn't hurt to poke them on their forums.

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Looked at code briefly. Saw a few potential stumbles, but by no means an expert. Suggest trying:

a. Edit the Device Handler and simply remove the tiles and delete the simulator, tiles, preferences, main and details lines (mainly, Hubitat does not support tiles).

b. Load both in and run with logging turned on. This will give an idea of the problems.

Potential error areas:


  1. Any cloud communications. Yours look ok on surface, but there are potential nuances (in my code, I use same for both Hubitat and SmartThings).

  2. Calls for or others. These will may cause a problem or a work-around. Others have already done this, so you can check in this forum.

Device Driver (used to be device handler).

A. capability list may give error on some. When error occurs, just comment out and go again. (Some of the SmartThings capabilities are not supported by Hubitat; however, documentation is sketchy.)

Again, this identifies errors as encountered. I did this in a 2000 line device handler. Had about two errors and only one without an easy solution.


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I've got WebCoRE running fairly stably myself with over 60 pistons, running the webcore piece in a container locally. It's not without a few tweaks and workarounds, but I just don't see being able to do the sort of complex things I want to do with RE. I mean, the pseudo-code of webcore is bad enough, an even pointier-clickier drop down interface fills me with dread. If I could just write my rules in something like python or ruby, with Vi, I'd be happy as a clam...

Getting WebCoRE working has not been without its trials. First off, be very careful with @globals. If you use them extensively, you may need to force resume some pistons in order to force them to pickup changes made by a different piston.

Secondly, many have complained of slowness, and I've seen this at times as well. I don't have a great picture of what's going on with that, but I've discovered that for me it seems to be related to adding new devices. I've developed the rather annoying but seemingly effective practice of, after adding a new device:

Ticking the disable all pistons switch
Rebooting with out the radio stick
pause all pistons one by one
reboot with the radio stick
resume all pistons one by one

I don't know why this works but it seems to vastly speed up webcore, and that speed up seems fairly durable over time. This is of course annoying when you're initially adding devices, but once you've gotten everything added its not too much of a burden.

The other thing is I'm still running 1.17.20. I upgraded to 2.0 the day it came out and my hub crashed later that night so I rolled back. Maybe related, maybe not, but I'm sticking with what seems to work.

After about 3 weeks I've got 1 or 2 logic bugs left in my programming, and one or two devices that behave somewhat erratically. These are cree bulbs who's state gets confused with what Hubitat seems to think they're in. The singled bulbs don't seem to have this problem like the cree ones do, and it might be related to issuing commands to them as members of a WebCoRE device variable. I've just tried addressing them individually this morning and we'll see if that clears it up.

Once these last few issues are cleaned up, I intend to leave the damn thing running in the closet, untouched for the next 3 years! No updates, no tweaks, just glorious stability! Frankly that, IMHO, is the true glory of hubitat. Nothing changes without my consent.

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