New Help/Documentation System

This is a big improvement. Easier to find content and more unified in it's approach. There is a URL that needs populating and I think is an oversight.


File not found. But if you click on "Documentation" at the upper right corner it takes you to [Hubitat Documentation - Home | Habitat Documentation] ( Pretty prominent actually. This replaced the original documentation repository with the last major update a few weeks ago. @bertabcd1234 Did alot of great work here!


The path to the Developer - Driver folder is: Driver Overview | Hubitat Documentation

However I see that "Driver" folder is missing, so we will get that fixed. Thanks for pointing this out...


Maybe click on the link and see what the user is seeing before inferring that the OP has made a dumb error. Following the Documentation link is not going to resolve my problem as you seem to suggest.

Thank you, that was the primary point of my post.

Edit... deleted my reply. Not constructive, just like the comment i replied to.

I see the issue here; the documentation system is aggressive at putting a path/hierarchy at the top of any page that is inside a folder/sub-folder in terms of the literal file structure, which I've mostly been using internally to organize the docs better. It seems like none of us tested the scenario where someone would click back through this automatically generated "trail." There is at least one solution (putting something there, though I'm not sure what, at least not without duplicating portions of other pages that I'd rather suggest looking at instead...), or possibly others. We'll figure something out. Thanks!

In the meantime, using the links on the left side (probably always there on desktop, may need to tap the menu/three-bars icon on mobile) or any links in main content of the page would be my recommendation, since those were all specifically built to go somewhere useful. :smiley:

EDIT: These should all at least have a suggestion to return to the main Developer Docs page now instead of breaking.


Nice work on the new documentation. I have been using it a lot more now that it is cohesive.
Am I correct in saying that queries to the community search engine will not turn up results from documentation?

Right, they are separate systems. May turn up links that have been posted, though. :smiley:

Hi, I got a couple more "Page not found" when trying to access parts of the help documentation going via the interface vs a saved link.
First is:
Second is:

The second one is actually the one I'm interested in.

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That is expected for now, as we don't have docs for those at the moment (and never did, so this isn't a result of migration; red links are either placeholders, as before, or mistakes, which happened a couple times, these being placeholders--but good to check!).

If you have a specific question about state in the meantime, however, someone can probably help!

OK. I thought perhaps it was in error as I think I've seen state documentation before, but perhaps I'm thinking of the Samsung docs which are close.