New Hubitat Documentation

We know how important it is for our users to be able to quickly search and easily find the product documentation they need to elevate their environments with Hubitat Elevation®.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of our new Hubitat Documentation. The new documentation has a friendly user interface that is web-based and improves on the search capability of the older portal.

The documentation is structured in six categories, each providing answers to a different user need and fulfilling a different purpose:

Getting Started
Documents grouped under this category are designed to help users achieve basic knowledge to connect and set up the Hubitat Elevation hub as well as to add first device and build first automation.

Documents grouped under this category cover the optional subscriptions that Hubitat offers.

Apps and Devices
This category provides documentation related to the built-in apps and drivers, as well as a list of compatible devices that have been tested by our engineers.

Using the Hub
This category features How-to guides that are practical step-by-step documents that further advance users' ability to use their hub.

Documents grouped in this category are for those who venture into the Groovy world and plan on writing own apps or drivers in the Hubitat Elevation development environment

Check out the new Hubitat Documentation at:


Kudos to @bertabcd1234 for his great work on pulling this together!


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