New guy, new hub, first rule. Help!

So I got my new Hubitat, some smart outlets/plugs, a motion detector, and an in-wall switch, all zigbee.

My first basic rule was to simply turn on the outside Christmas lights at sunset, turn them off at 11 PM.

First day it worked perfectly, second day it didn’t turn the lights on at all. Why?

My questions:do I need to somehow tell the rule to repeat every day at sunset? I thought that was a given.

And how do I go about learning to debug something like this? I looked at the log from last night and I don’t see the rule triggered. So what’s my process going forward on how to find what did/didn’t happen and why?

Thanks for any help or suggestions. I did some searching but only got hits on Rule Machine which is way over my head at this point.

Which app are you using to create this automation?

If you post a screenshot of your rule, that’ll help us troubleshoot.


Welcome aboard and you will find this to be the best community, bar none...

  • As noted above, please post a screenshot of the rule
  • From within the rule, ensure logging is enabled, usually near the bottom
  • You are correct, when you set a trigger (in this case Sunset), it will run every night via a schedule that is created as part of the rule, you can see it by entering the rule and then selecting the gears icon upper right, scroll to the very bottom. IIRC it will get created each night at midnight for the following evening
  • You can also check the device events to see if it was turned on/off, just another way to dig into the details

Welcome aboard, don't give up and ask lots of questions, the search is your friend


There are several tools on the to debug issues. They include:

  1. Logs - From the menu on the left, on the bottom you will see the “Logs” tab. When you have the logs open and slide it down, ou will see options on top to show current logs, past logs, etc.
  2. Device Events - All devices have event tabs that will show what events triggered and when.
  3. The community - there are lots of very knowledgeable people always ready to help. Ask questions and provide lots of details. We will help guide you to find a solution.
  4. When the issue is outside of our abilities, the Hubitat support team can help. You can log a ticket by sending an e-mail to That said, when the community members find that they are out of their depth - ie there seems to be an issue that is outside of our ability to diagnose, we will typically tag one of the staff to help.

When you were pairing devices with HE, were there any you had to do multiple times? Post a screen shot of your z-wave details page...Ghosts are the biggest factor of new users having issues with rules running or mesh being slow... We've all gone through it :wink:

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I think OP said the devices were all zigbee... so ghostbusters get a break for now :slight_smile:


Doesn't look like the zwave details will show you anything...


Gak that's tough to read... if you turn the lights on and off from the devices tab do they come on and off? And are they registering the right status? (on when on, etc)

All zigbee, but i have no idea to post that anyway :joy:

No pairing issues, worked first time.

I know but a threaded screen shot was the only way I knew to get it all in the reply…

Yeah my bad... just easier to read from a regular browser. There should be an "enable logging" toggle toward the bottom, as so:

That will at least give you some debugging info

Yes turning on and off from a dashboard works fine with correct status indicated.

Is there like an internal schedule I can look at somewhere? As you can (almost) see the rule is very basic.

Once you turned on logging as @brad5 indicates, you will see what happens (or doesn’t) in the logs (See my post above on the topic of logs).

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Go to the "logs" tab and click on "scheduled jobs"

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Use the snip tool built into windows any time you want to screen shot (click start then type the word snip). If you're all zigbee that rules out my thoughts.


@stratmeister509 u should see something like this in the scheduled jobs... in my case the mode manager job is scheduled for sunset-15, or 4:11pm

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Yes, that will help. Where do I look to see the scheduled “jobs”?


So I used this info and checked device events and scheduled jobs. There were no events last sunset and there is no scheduled job for the rule today. Eek!