New GE switches

Will hubitat support WiFi controlled switches? Will GE expose a local control API? Hmmm..

This has already been discussed here:

Also, it is a misconception that Hubitat doesn't support wifi devices. There are several that it does. The problem is that most manufacturers do not have an open or documented API for WiFi devices and want them to work only in their own walled garden or via cloud services, leaving Hubitat (and other platforms) with no good option to actually make them work. I doubt this will be an exception. Zigbee and Z-Wave are generally where it's at in this space.

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Yuck, all the GE devices I've had to deal with suck. There are so many (good and already working with HE) options out there, why even consider something that might work

Anyone know of a switch that supports motion and Illuminance capabilities?

There isn't one, at least that I know of.

indoor illuminance measurements aren't really that useful in my experience, the range of levels that residential lighting fixtures create are very limited usually, less than 100 lux.
If one desires to automate lighting levels based on exterior light levels, its best to place the sensor outdoors, or at the least facing directly out a window.


The issue you'll have with interior sensors is that the sun goes down so the lux drops and the lights go on. That raises the lux levels so the lights go off. That drops the lux levels so the lights go on. Which in see the loop you get into?

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Thanks Mike. Good to know.

Is lux measured differently across indoor lighting vs sunlight?

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Lux is a measure of illumination, whether it indoors out out.

no, Lux is Lux, just like Temperature in F is Temperature in F

A bright sunny day can easily generate a value > 10,000 Lux
A 2 tube 8' Florescent light fixture in a shop on an 8' ceiling right above a workbench might generate 300 Lux

Thanks Mike. Appreciate the confirmation.