New Driver for Zooz ZEN30

Been waiting on 2.1.8 to get a driver for the new Zooz ZEN30 double switch.

Now that I have it, I see where I can control the dimmer portion of the switch, but I cannot find anything where I can control the relay part of the switch other than a physical push.

@mike.maxwell do I need to uninstall the switch and reinstall using the new driver? I previously had it as a generic ZWAve Dimmer. BTW, I tried the configure command as well.

Didn't know if it would create a child device (which it did not as far as I can tell.)


Try uninstalling. It should have a child device for the relay


Thanks, I'll give it a whirl....

UPDATE: That did it. Thanks.


Clicking the "Save" button below the "Preferences" would have created the child devices...

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