New device, neat idea

Is this z-wave or zigbee? If it's wifi is there local API integration? I like the idea but if it's cloud based that would be sad.

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Just guessing but hearing the term AI makes it pretty likely that it's cloud-based.

I think it is Matter-based and is actually taking "reservations". So maybe a while off?

It also supports:

Communication Protocols

TCP for local network control
MQTT with SSL/TLS technology for remote access

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A $1 deposit to get "locked in" to a limited time, discounted pre-sale price? Nice try :laughing:.


In my apartment near all outlets are somewhat obstructed.
And if this is a cloud-based toy it will be no go.


In my house most outlets are somewhat or completely obstructed. We've actually positioned them in various remodels behind furniture because my wife hates hates seeing outlets.

So not much value to me.


Hello all!

I am the creator of this product. Our device supports MQTT out-of-the-box that let's you pair with the MQTT broker and control it locally. We also support blocking the internet on the software level so all data keeps in the intranet easily.

This device is based on Wi-Fi and BLE, since we already have a web interface on controlling and setting up the device without an app, we are planning to provide a local API integration in both TCP and WS protocol for the community.

Hope these helps!



Thanks for visiting the community to clarify.

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Thanks for stopping by.

So, in short it is a motion sensor, air quality sensor, and a nightlight?

If it can integrate locally with Hubitat (Telnet acceptable) I can see a use for the presence sensor and AQI.

When are you looking to go into production? I’ve been bitten by product unavailability before on existing products (see Inovelli, but I still placed another pre-order with them today). Approximately when do you expect to ship?

Will you write a driver for HE for your local API?

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I can relate. I have 2 ceiling fans sitting in boxes for almost 2 years since the fan/light combination switch has been out of stock. Thought your exact thought when I saw their latest release of a new product I likely won't be able to purchase either :joy:

Are you referring to the Home Depot / King of Fans ceiling fan controller? These are scarce as hen’s teeth retail. I found them new on eBay.

I have 5 of these and a spare. They work with most any fan that has three wires. The battery operated remote replaces the wall switches. Just connect the black and white wires together at the wall and cap off the remaining wire.

They interface with HE easily and have been working fine for years.

You might want to see if Hubitat wants to officially integrate. Generally speaking, they are open to this if there is a documented local connection method. That would be a great advantage to have official integration and be on the Hubitat supported device list.


It would be an occupancy sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, air quality sensor (AQI, VOC, CO2), brightness sensor (LUX), dimmable nightlight, and definitely the two controllable 15A outlet receptacles.

Production-wise it will be around September.

Hope this clarifies everything!

The device supports MQTT connection, and seems like Hubitat supports MQTT interface with a MQTT broker, then the device can use Hubitat with MQTT.

Definitely we will look into officially integrating with Hubitat locally as well!


As someone that uses MQTT in both industrial and residential settings, I think that was a great choice!

Looks like a pretty interesting product!

I thought US electric code (NEC) requirements prohibited BOTH outlets being remotely switched in built-in smart outlets (which is why all existing ones in the market are 1 switched, 1 fixed)? That said, I don't claim to be an expert in this area.


Tp-link built-in smart outlet (kp-200) has both remotely switched.


Interesting. I wonder if they got away with that because of the two local buttons on the device. Because technically with those you could put it in reset mode, disabling remote activation for electrical verification and isolation purposes.

Anyway, thanks for pointing that out! Clearly with enough lights/buttons there is a way around that archaic NEC rule. I didn't know that! :slight_smile:

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It will be more value and sense (I think) to integrate all mentioned sensors with
dimmers and switches instead of outlets. Unlike outlets dimmers/switches
almost never obstructed.

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