New dashboard auto rearranging tiles

changed the layout and saved it … went back in and the tiles are now rearranged. this also happens while in edit mode on the dashboard tiles:

I had the same problem. To get around it after each move I selected ‘update tile’ then ‘update grid’.

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Make sure you don’t have autopopulate your dashboard set in the dashboard child app. This will reset your layout.

Keep in mind you have to save each tile after you move it. I did the same thing, the tiles move and stay put until you reload, and then they revert unless each one is clicked on and saved.

@patrick would it be possible to add a “save all” button to fix this? Or just have save all be the default result?

seems logical that autopopulate would reset layout if a device is added/removed from the dashboard.

but in between changing the layout of the dashboard and subsequently going back to the same dashboard from the hubitat dashboards link i had not added/removed any devices from dashboard.

To confirm. The tiles were randomly moved? Or the changes you made weren’t saved? Those are two different problems with two different paths to resolution. Troubleshooting wiki 101: be specific.

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The “Update Grid” and “Update Tile” are the save layout buttons, no need to add another button. The tile movement is a preview. You must update your grid to save changes. The saving of the changes is fairly expensive of a call back, so updating every single tile movement doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a single use toggle state. The intention of that toggle is to be used only once and turned off, but unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do that. Any update to the child dashboard will reset the layout.

It’s off by default and once you use it, you need to turn it off again.

may be only reset dashboard layout when a device is added/removed from that dashboard in the child app and autopopulate for that dashboard is set to on … but not when the dashboard is opened or edited?


This should not happen, if you are referring to the html dashboard, not the hub web UI. Just make sure you turn off the autopopulate (and read the warning) after each time you use it.

I will look into finding a way to reset that switch after each use as it is not intended to be on. It’s meant to be a jump start for new dashboards only, not a continual auto add feature.

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yes referring to the html dashboard.


I can’t reproduce this. The only way the layout gets reset and tiles get autopopulated in when you save the dashboard in the hub web UI and updated() fires and that checkbox is true.

Did you happen to switch back and click done in the web UI at all? I would need exact steps to reproduce this issue as I simply can not reproduce it under any normal usage.

Did the tiles revert after you changed them, meaning they went back to the old setting, or did they rearrange meaning they were different than before OR after you changed them? You didn’t answer the first time I asked.

i have autopopulate turned off for the couple of dashboards have now. was editing one of them a few minutes ago … after moving a tile the tile moved back to its previous location even before i had a chance to click the update tile then update grid button.

Hrm. What browser are you using? That seems more like an auto-refresh setting in your browser to me.

the recent issue was revert. the previous was rearrange.


There is a 5 minute refresh that could revert the layout to the last saved if you don’t save it when that fires. I’ll see what can be done to reset that timer after each layout save.

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also to confirm even if autopopulate is on unless a device is added/removed from that dashboard it should not rearrange the layout … this should take care of this issue?

It’s really simple, turn off autopopulate after initial install. Otherwise every time you click done in the app, the layout will get reset and the tiles will reset, colors will reset. It is meant to be an install only feature not an ongoing feature. I will put something in to remove the setting after initial install to eliminate this confusion and probably just add a reset your layout / delete all your tiles option in advanced.

if its not an ongoing feature and reset after initial install that should solve the issue.