New dashboard auto rearranging tiles

while on the topic … kinda … what is the default tile background color … this?


According to my chrome inspector it is rgba(128,128,128,.5) 50% gray with 50% opacity.

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might be helpful to populate that in the template color edit screen even when custom colors are not being used.

Where is the autopopulate option that is mentioned in this forum? I can't find it. After deleting a tile, the "hole" remains... no automatic rearrangement of tiles happens...

I think autopopulate is just on new dashboards. If you create a new one, it asks if you want to do that. Far as I know there is no auto-arrange function for your situation. You have to manually move the tiles around or fill in with a new tile.

Thank you. Apparently there is a work around that I just found out... One can autofit all tiles by assigning no size (blank field) to tiles' width and height and then play with the number of columns and rows. It kinda does part of the trick but it'd be great indeed if Hubitat's team could look into implementing a much more dynamic, automatic and elegant population and arrangement of tiles.