New CO2 cheap monitor

Dear Colleague,
I see that on Aliexpress is new multisensor with CO2.

Someone of you try to connect with habitat?

Based on this feedback looks we should be able to connect.

Please provide your hub model (C7, C8, etc.) and its platform version from Settings>Hub Details.

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These cheap Tuya sensors are known to be extremely chatty, spamming the ZIgbee network with several messages per second.

I highly recommend NOT using these Tuya CO2 sensors paired directly to Hubitat.


do you think that will be completely the same inside?
i know that old Tuya is very bad.

If you have a second HE hub to isolate this device from the others, you could use it.

See the comments on the seller’s site - talking about its spamming behaviour.

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Do you think that is not possible to bloc by drivers this abnormal communication?

Not possible.


A review on AE mentions the chatiness.

I have a Tuya air quality sensor in ‘the drawer’ that is also very talkative.

I have two of these IKEA VINDSTRYKA sensors

The driver is ‘VINDSTRYKA Air Quality Monitor’ from @kkossev

You can see when my wife is cooking.

Correction - this does NOT measure CO2


this is zigbee? or need some integration?

It is zigbee, but AFAIK, it doesn't measure CO2. It does:
PM2.5, tVOC, RH, Temperature

You are correct. I missed the OP’s requirement of CO2

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