New Calendar proposed APP for Hubitat HE

I am looking for a very simple HE calendar APP that informs the user that something is going to happen on a certain calendar date(s). I know that google calendar will do the job but I need something much more simpler "locally". My parents are getting up in the years and the only two critical calendar items they need are their doctor's and dentist appointments. By marking a monthly calendar date (day of) that pops up with an "X" on the date will suffice. As for visual indication just having an outlet/LED bulb turn on or send a generic notification will work.
By using the sunrise/sunset times daily to activate/de-activate(clear) the critical appointments "daily". Of course, by using HE Rules 5.1 will do the same job but it is very time consuming. I am looking for ($$$$) reinbursement for anyone that can provide this HE App/device/driver for me! Any thoughts?

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I would also love a calander app. I work a weird schedule 2 days 2 nights 4 off, rinse and repeat. I'd love to set automations based on that without using Google calander.

Have a look at my Google search app:

The initial Google API setup is a bit tricky but once done this app can query calendar, reminders, and tasks for matches based on defined search criteria. From there notifications can be sent or a child switch toggled allowing you to automate things via rules, etc.


Too complex for me and jnosa899 needs. :wink:

You might be surprised. I was able to figure it out, and I'm far from tech savvy. The advantage of the Google Calendar option is that you could add appointments or other reminders to their schedule remotely. As they age that might get more and more important.


I am asking for a "simple calendar" (non-goggle calendar) in HE for two reasons:

  1. All calendar dates are "locally" inside the hub.
  2. Calendar/times automations could be easily and quickly performed.

There is also ical viewer, i use it to run automations off my iPhone calendar and my jobs o365 calendar. If you want it to be 100% local then add an iCal server.