Release ical viewer (alpha)

with the help of @thebearmay (mostly his knowledge), i have made an driver to create pull in ical data, eg google.

Known issues

  • reoccurring event don't show
  • probably more



@gopher.ny , is their any documents on hubmesh requirements, I can share the device on c5 but the c7 comes up with 500 error when I try to import it, nothing in the logs

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Are calendar events available as triggers in rule machine?

Thanks for sharing!
Hubmesh is working between C5 and C5. I don't have a C7 to test but I can't see why not.

Awesome concept and great driver. I made a small mod to put the current events into a map and then the map into an attribute. Right now it dumps all 10 events into the map but thinking I would only need today and tomorrow's events. That way the attribute stays small.

Plan is to use that attribute with Event Engine so we can trigger events based on the iCal data! Should have something in the next few days. :wink:

I'll let you know how it goes. :grin:


Rebooted the c7 and its working,, don't know what was going on their

Perhaps you could store the list in a CSV on the Hub, there's typically plenty of space left over on people's Hub's I would expect, and as long as it is relatively simple info you want to keep. Would certainly want to warn / ask the user to accept storing the info in plain text, for those security conscious...

But it would provide a local storage option without the limitations a device / attributes impose. I'm wondiering whether you could also store a copy of the calendar events in pre-formatted HTML on the hub storage and render that in an iFrame.... Is that possible....

Does the calendar need to be public for this to work?

Actually, got it to work using the private / public URL.

Nice job. Looking forward to future enhancements. Main thing I would be looking for, which looks like is already on the cards, if that separation of the presentation (tile) and the data, opening up other presentation options to format / style things differently based on personal preference. As well as the option to use the calendar entries in rules of course.

I'm no programmer, so might have to leave enhancements to people like @bptworld who knows what their doing. I'm happy to coordinate updates or someone take it on and develop it under their own name.

I only did basic font-size as it was very heavy on the character count, did have bold for the date, but with only 3 or 4 entries it had busted the count

The WAF was low after I spent around 2 full days welded to the computer, something about not spending time with her and the kids (I wasn't paying attention)


Assuming your calendar is on Google, calendar events can be triggered with this solution:


That is a great solution and very powerful but requires setting up the Google Console, which to a lot of people is just too much. This literally just takes a copy and paste of one line from the Google Calendar setting page.

Very interested to see where @mark.cockcroft and @thebearmay take this!

Also offering to help anyway I can. :wink:


All @mark.cockcroft's inspiration, blood, sweat, and tears on this one. I've just been hanging around and throwing some code at the wall to see what sticks if he gets stuck. :sunglasses:


It should just work, that's the whole point of hub mesh. I'll take a look.

Looks like a reboot solved it...

@gopher.ny just rebooted the c7 and it worked. Didn't change anything...

Yeah, all of our calendars are on iCloud and I don’t want to bother trying to sync them/copy them with gcal.

multiple calendar support,


does anyone know if their is a string length max for preferences?
Im trying to add a third ical address but getting a 500 error, works fine with 2

  1. If you add the preference but leave it blank do you get the 500?
  2. if you use the value for the second iCal in the third slot do you get an error?

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