NEW: Built-in OTA Z-Wave device firmware updates


Over-The-Air Z-Wave device firmware updates. Other hubs can’t do it. We can!

Available only in the new Hubitat Elevation Model C-7 hub. Grab one now for just $115 during our
Hub for the Holidays sale. Ends Nov 30.



How far away is migration tool (from c5)


Why is this only in the C7? I thought the C7 was supposed to be the same as the C5 but with a Zwave 700 chip in it and any upgrades that would bring. We know the C5 can perform device firmware updates thanks to the driver @bcopeland made.


The old z-wave stack did not have the capability of intercepting the packets for use in the app. So, for the time being, use the community driver on C5.


Ok is this like another version of the C7 or every c7 is capable of this?
Asking because my c7 hub is only 2 months old, or 2 months since I bought it.

Same version. And is available with 2.2.4 update.

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Ok thanks. I thought I was going to eventually buy another hub.
My luck buy that thing I've been saving for just so the next month they come out with the new model lol

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How do we perform the firmware updates?


Thank you so much!

So I assume with Zooz I need to contact support, get the links and upload them to the hub?

Yup. Also, the built-in firmware updater only works for the C-7 model. If you have the older C-5 model, @bcopeland has a community driver available for the same purpose.

Finally, many Zooz devices have to be excluded and included again after a firmware update because they are factory reset after a firmware update.


Thank you.

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Yes. Here is the link.

Just ask for a link to the current firmware and provide a copy of the invoice showing you purchased the product. They seem to want that proof. They are very helpful.

Here is the support page article:

Edit: I see Ashok Aiyar (@aaiyar) was typing as I was looking up links. He is a faster typist than I am.


I still appreciate it.

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how about creating a repository at hubitat for all of these updates instead of having to search all over the place?


Certainly on our radar :wink:


That would be great - especially if you are able to test the updates to confirm Hubitat compatibility / suitability.

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This is a really nice feature! Thanks a bunch!

Seems like a companion app that lists all devices and their firmware versions would be really handy!
Just planting a seed of an idea... :slight_smile:

Better still if the firmware update app grouped all the devices by the manufacturer code, device type/ID, and firmware version so you could "select all" of the same device type and firmware and update them in a batch. It seems this would just require a simple query to each device at the startup of the app. so all the "same" devices could be identified and grouped.